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  1. I like the new look on the forum but one thing puzzles me. before the change all I had to do was click on "log in" but now I have to retype my user name and passwork every time I log in. it' no big deal but I'm just wondering why.
  2. bearskin

    I thought I was dreaming. cnn is now using wmp for their videos...was I dreaming?
  3. well it seems I was wrong again. I still can't get rid of the ads. they went away for a while, now they're back. I even put the sites in my restricted zone in internet options and it didn't do any good. I have no problem blocking in firefox but can't block them in IE. oh wife will just have to put up with them and I'll use firefox... for your question....sorry, no answer.
  4. Chappy I put a copy in the C:\windows\system32\drivers....I left the original in the C:\windows directory. I don't have any folders in C:\windows\system32\ drivers...I only have files. it seems to work...thanks
  5. marty that thing is programmed into the bios...only way to get around it is to reprogram the bios. you have to have an electronic programmer to do that. you will need something like this: CLICK
  6. thanks chappy. Iput the host file in C:\windows\system32\drivers. I think that did the trick. who would've thunk that IE would look at my drivers. LOL oh..murtu52..I have IE-SPYAD and that blocks out all my good sites...hahaha
  7. oh but you're wrong..there is a lot of support if you know where to support and harware .
  8. Here you go chappy....there's a lot more. I just show these. localhost #remove this for atomfilms problems
  9. ok's the problem. I'm using win me and my hosts file is in the C:\windows directory. now that's where it's supposed to be. I loaded all the sites that should be blocked but it won't block these sites in IE. I have no problem with firefox because I use adblock but the wife insists on using IE. should I slap her? (did I say that)....I even try to block them with spybot S/D. sooooooo...can anyone tell me why IE won't block these sites?
  10. thank you sir...I'm going there now to make those little # suckers disappear....
  11. one little question here. after you add these sites to the host file can you delete all that garbage with the # signs?
  12. marty..let me know if you need the win 3.1 disks...they are downloadable off the net. I admire you for wanting to deal with win 3.1. I used win 3.1 to surf the net up until 1998. just a warning tho, brush up on your dos commands before you get into this. I would probably use it now but my satellite provider doesn't support win 3.1.
  13. thanks to all you...I am now a happy surfer...happy..happy...oooo surfing....
  14. what cows go mad?
  15. welcome mandy...keep an eye out for macmarauder...he's lacking.
  16. hey guys and know what I like best about this forum? you get 3 guesses....anyone? come on...try to guess. give up? want me to tell you? NO ADS!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaahahahaha
  17. congratulations tictoc...wishing you all the best. I have 6 kids, 14 grandkids, and 2 great grandkids. take lots of pictures and keep a journal so you can look back at this when you are old. and don't feel bad as I met my present wife on the internet also.
  18. southeastern oklahoma...$1.99..we have to drive 50 miles one way to walmart, lumber yard, denny's, radio shack, movie theatre, dog's vet, etc.....100 miles round trip at the minimum.
  19. quite long but worth it. My Webpage
  20. another winner marty...beautiful.
  21. bearskin


    very good marty...I loved the song but this was the first time I've actually seen the lyrics...I had a little trouble with the loooooooooooong words.
  22. hey should tell people on dialup these are big files. both are over 11 Mb.
  23. happy day get down and give me 20...
  24. well I guess I lied to you Chappy. it works in WIN ME. I just couldn't tell a 0 from a O. very handy little change there. thank you.