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  1. well obiously I need quicktime to view these...which I don't have
  2. bearskin

    Nz Warriors

    Mr. Mason...don't you do that had me so excited loking for something funny...hahahaha
  3. bearskin

    From The 50's

    how about the term "the rabbit died" set the spark and crank it. press the starter button and the foot feed at the same time. how about...leather band around the drive shaft for brakes. double tree...single tree oak bows on the covered wagon. 10 cent movies and 5 cent popcorn. dick and jane...first grade reader. I can come up with a million more but I'm telling my age.
  4. real purty pictures but does it work?
  5. marty...the term trailer trash is the same as redneck, hillbilly, lowlife, country boy, etc.
  6. did he replace the ignition or just repair it? he probably drilled into the contacts. replace the ignition.
  7. hey mac...can you do a big jug of tequila? in bubble wrap please.
  8. remember the 1979 tornado in wichita falls, texas? 3 twisters combined into 1 big funnel..sat on the ground for like 10 miles right down the middle of town... I was there and when it was over it looked like hiroshima.
  9. surge protectors are false security..unplug the computer and the modem..also move the plugs at least a foot from the outlet..
  10. bearskin

    Soldier Video

    I guess most of you saw the video on tv of the soldier getting shot...thought I would share this with you. VIDEO
  11. just for you Blim. catapult...hahaha
  12. Amen tg1911...I have lived in texas and oklahoma...I've seen the big ones. A good tornado will make mince meat out of that truck.
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    I used to drink beer in the philippines called San Miguel....I drank a lot of it...I drank a hell of a lot of it....I drank more than my share.
  15. question answered...thank you Excal.
  16. bearskin

    Fast Dsl

    you heard it from the newsdesk of bearskin click
  17. looks great til you get stuck in the mud...what then?
  18. I don't know if this is the right place to post this buttttt...I just wanted to know where the logs come from for the learners...are these made up logs or do they come from actual logs? just wondering...thanks.
  19. I had a similar problem no spyware, no viruses, no nothing strange. And before reformating advise I finally found a solution. IT all happend after installing SP2 in my XP. My windows update didn't workd, was telling me there was an error and that reregistrying must be done, but it didn't worked. Finally I came throug a Patch of MSXML4.DLL: that allow me to run win update (though i had nothing to update) After rebooting all worked fine! Hope it helps! <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  20. I'm not gonna answer your question because of that system error thing in your post... actually I've used avg for awhile and I haven't had any baddies.
  21. you know you bought a bad computer: in order to start it you have to use jumper cables and a friend's car.
  22. not having a college education is nothing to be ashamed of...I dropped out of school after finishing the 9th. my GED when I was 55 years old...I love working on my own computer but not on other people's. I sure don't want to discourage you but computer service is a very competitive business...if that is what you like then go for it and I wish you all the best.
  23. bearskin

    A Few Pics

    well if anyone wants to see my pic they're gonna have to work for it... ME and if you happen to go there please leave a note.
  24. bozodog...I'm having to pay $60 a month for satellite because of the lousy dialup here. connecting at 21,600 just wasn't cutting it and the private phone company refuses to upgrade. I live 50 miles from the nearest cable isp.