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    Ad Fot Bts

    wworks good for me JSKY....funny....go my man.
  2. Pat do you use firefox? I just deleted my password and refresh my every time.
  3. well back in texas in the little town where I lived they had a law...if he hits you first he's fair game.....just make sure you have a witness.
  4. well terrorist we al know that you are a dirty old man.......
  5. can I ask...huh...can I... can I????? I happened to be watching tele the other day (rare for me) and I swore I saw cat schwartz doing a commercial for gateway computers...was it true or is it just my old age ?
  6. no terrorist...for you it's 6 days- 1439 minutes- 52 seconds....good enough for you..
  7. well I just went to the dentist today and he took out 3 teeth so gimme a shot of everything.
  8. could somebody help me out? I was just going to the besttechie cafe for coffee and donuts and I got lost and ended up ay whiskeyman's bar....
  9. hey terrorist...which one is the 50 year old....they both look the same.
  10. bearskin

    Time To Heal

    hey guys...can't we just forget about the "other board" and just settle in and become a family? I don't want to see this board become like the "other board". this is my home and I like it to be nice and comfy...
  11. this is me...1946 sorry...wrong pic hang on...I'll get it right finally got it right...I'm the one in the red shirt
  12. would really be nice if Pete and some of the other mods stopped here.
  13. so many great people at the "other board" and I hope they will all come here...I hope il_wiccan brings his JD with him...
  14. When I lived in texas a couple of years back I had a favorite trick..(don't hate me). I noticed when driving on the highway women drivers seemed to drive a couple of mph faster than anyone else. I guess it is just their nature.........soooooooo when I was driving I kept in the right hand lane. it never failed that a woman would pass me on the left. I would speed up to keep abreast of her (pardon the pun) and naturally they would speed up to pass me. well after a while we would both be driving 15 mph over the speed limit. guess which lane the texas highway patrol points his radar at? I have never had a speeding ticket.
  15. regardless of what you think about Mr. Bill he is basicly the one that is responsible for 2 computer in every garage..uh that should be HOME.
  16. way to go thesidekickcat....tell it like it is...cheers to you.
  17. bozodog....I couldn't have said it any better...agree with it 100%
  18. hi liz...I can send my shaman exorcist over if you need him....
  19. should be fine with the the hard drive is a different story...win98 disk defrag will need some space to run...probably about 10% of your disk size...personally myself I have never bothered with all the updates and critical win98 legal? no problem there as one key will work most of the time....I have a drawing program that I use on a winme machine...200MHz-32 megs ram- 2 gig hard problem.
  20. well I have been running win me for about 5 years now and have had to reformat only once...picked up a virus...I got rid of the virus but reformatted anyway just for the heII of it.
  21. gas just went to $2.23 last friday....s.e. oklahoma
  22. my prayers to you and your loved ones mikex....and I share your views on the death penalty.
  23. bearskin

    Nz Warriors

    yea, thanks for linking sultan....
  24. would be great...we need more smart people here. we get all the smart ones here and the kiddys run the "other" board.