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  1. well I'm retired so I can surf 24x7...I let the wife check her email occasionally.
  2. I must say tictoc5150.....the baby is a lot cuter than you...hahahahahahaha
  3. I would if I knew what "assimilated" means...LOL
  4. thanks marty for the info...
  5. that would work if people would do that but I know a couple of people that haven't done it...they think because their computer is new it's something they don't worry about.
  6. hi cherokeechief...good to see you posting here. do you have any idea how much is really saved by this multi license thingy? my sony vaio had a lot a lot of other stuff on it, like wordperfect, idea is that it is still better to buy a full version in case your hard drive does a deep six... but that's just me.
  7. all I know is at tigerdirect they said the computer was about that much cheaper if I bought a no os system.....since I had my own disk...might go ask them....
  8. singers; 1. Buddy Holley 2. Gene Watson 3. Tanya Tucker
  9. if a person doesn't speak or write fluent english I can symphatize with them but if it's just laziness on their part or they spend too much time on the computer and didn't learn english then I can't symphatize with them...there is no reason for an american citizen not to learn tolerable english. I mispell word also but it's been 47 years since I went to school.
  10. he's been down for sometime hasn't he? it's good to see his page is back up...I noticed that he has stuff for winme also...that is good.
  11. I take it you live in or near gonna be the bouncer?...good luck on this job TT.
  12. I don't think it is a dialup thing...I'm on satellit and mine was doing the same thing...once i tried to access this board and all I got was the page format the borders, font size, color, all the page was weird.
  13. marty I've been having problems with that today also....not sure you're the only one with that problem...could be the board....seems to be working fine now....oops, spoke too soon...messing up again.
  14. oh this is going to be a stupid question...did you try rebooting? if so then forget I asked this.
  15. my sony came with restore disks...the os is on a hidden partition but I can't remember how to acess the setup...anyway I had my own disk so I repartitioned the hard disk and got rid of the restore manufacturers save about $90 by not giving you the disk but it is a good idea to buy your own.
  16. my god...can't we just get over this? we have all the tech here that we need.
  17. I left AOL 10 years was the same back then.
  18. bearskin

    G4 C.f.h

    Is it a gathering of several tribes, or just one? They have a yearly Pow Wow at the casino here (Louisiana Coushatta's), that has tribes from all over the country. I like to go, when I get a chance. Particularly like the music, and tribal dances. Interesting stuff. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> the pow-wow is open to everyone...even white eyes..LOL people are there from far away as alaska.
  19. bearskin

    G4 C.f.h

    Hey Bearskin-looks like the Oak Ridge boys are gonna be out your way for the labor day festivities. I didnt know they were still around. Don't get too crazy now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ah yes mr. murphy...and it's all free...I live about 5 miles from there...I don't know if it's advertised but all the carnival rides are free to the children under 12...compliments of our chief and our casinos... everything is free to all except for the's our yearly pow-wow where we all get together and party for 4 days...usually about 60,000 people attend over the 4 days.
  20. uh huh...I drop by for a cup of coffee and find my name is smeared all over the board...I will go to the basement and help mac with his molecular transportation device.
  21. bearskin

    G4 C.f.h

    yes terrorist, there are a lot of good people still on "the other board" and I won't condemn the good people that decided to stay.
  22. very good terrorist...that's what I like to hear...people that have experieced this firsthand.
  23. bearskin

    G4 C.f.h

    well here's a bear's look at things...leo impresses me just about as much as I impress him...I'm pretty much sick of hearing this stuff about the "god" leo...if you want the best help available look under you nose..we have the best here on this can we lay off this stuff already?
  24. I don't know whos right or wrong but does dell or compaq have heatng problems? it just may work.