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  1. Hi jimmyd...yes I do remember're the only one here older than I (63) offense meant. if you have the adapter just pop the case off your computer, plug in to an empty ribbon cable, set the drive as slave and use you XP disk to format the slave drive.. this should take about 10 minutes. other may have an easier way. good to see you back.
  2. good rant JDoors..I might add this. I was watching a reporter talking to "victims" and one of the "victims" was standing there smiling, smoking a cigarette. can't get out of town but can afford to smoke? a lot of people were in their house clothes with no shoes. they had no intention of leaving. pity the nurses at the hospital who had to hand ventilate the patients. try hand ventilating a patient for 10 minutes and you'll see what I'm talking about. if there are any nurses here you know about pulling a double shift. I think most of the fault lies with the residents AND the governer. government aid doesn't come unltil the governer requets it. by the way, the government chartered three cruise liners for 6 months. how do you find a job by going on a 6 month cruise? I better quit now before I really get started.
  3. thanks jeff...I tried that and it still didn't work.
  4. this is for all you musicians out there.
  5. thanks guys...god it's been almost 5 years since I've done a clean install...ya'll have a good day now ya'hear.
  6. hey guys...just curious...this pertains to WINME...if I copy my windows installation disk to my D drive can I run setup from D drive if i want to do a clean install ? do I need anything else? can I just put in my setup floppy, format C, and type in D:setup? this sounds too easy. any remarks from the eggsperts?
  7. ok..problem solved...I had to host the file at wouldn't let me use the one from my hard drive...go figure....thanks anyway marty.
  8. hi controls it says avatars have to be more than 30kb....mine is 120x120, 3.65kb.
  9. I'm trying to upload a jpeg from my hard drive to use as an avatar but it doesn't's says it's updated but it doesn't...any ideas?
  10. dang're just overflowing with information...have a good day.
  11. Did you shake it by its tail? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> thanks Parrotgeek...I needed that.
  12. Honda Boy it seems you have bitter feeling about winme...I've used win 1.01, win3.1, win 3.11, win 95, win 98, winnt 4.0, and win me with very few problems...oh, I did have problems with win 1.01....I could never get the mouse to work...have a nice day.
  13. I don't know about updates...I've never updated..I'm still using IE 5.50...never had a need for updates.
  14. home grown terrorists.....shoot to kill....I would like to know why new orleans isn't under martial law? is the mayor a nincompoop?
  15. you pretty much have the answer already....delete your temp all you spyware and virus need at least 128 ram.....I've found with winme you need to reboot a couple of time a day to renew all your rescources...contrary to popular belief winme is a stable os if you know what you're doing...I've used wimme for almost 5 years and reinstalled only once.
  16. I had that problem solution was to buy another everthing works computer was fairly new also.
  17. you guys are hurting my only choice is dialup at $30 a month or......satellite at $60 a month. I had dialup for a while at 16,600 and got booted every 15 minutes so that was no option....the phone company here is a private company and won't upgrade their equipment. the disadvantage of living in "the sticks"
  18. now we're just waiting for Indonesia to send us some monetary aid.
  19. bearskin

    Area Codes?

    google USPS...I think that will do it. or try this; CLICKY
  20. bearskin


    welcome to the best forum on the little out for this macmarauder guy...hope you plan on staying.
  21. heck I don't know anything about coding...I did my site because the wife was bugging me to do it...took me 3 months for simple pre-planning- just wandered in blindly.
  22. robroy...bearskin will grant your wish but your kilt will burn up on reentry. I wish I could type 60 words a minute.