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  1. Check you books this just hasn't been a good year for sony has it?
  2. my daughter married well. her husband loves airplanes as much as I do. we decided to build an ultralight airplane. we bought a 250 cc kawa dirt bike. took the motor, sawed off the gear box and put a toothed pulley directly on the crank shaft. built the frame out of emt conduit and the wings out of tublar aluminum. cover the wings with some cheap material from walmart. test drove it 40 mph down the main street of town. the cops enjoyed that. took it to the local airport and after 3 times I got airborn. after about 200 yards of flight the thing crashed with me. tore up the frame and broke the wooden prop. I have pics of that also but not on cd.
  3. you asked for it...go read my post about modding a car. if you like that mod I have another for you.
  4. when I was living in texas I took the rear half of a 1961 chevy pickup and the front clip off a 1964 nova and welded them together to make one car. if anyone knows about the chevy novas they will know what I mean about the front clip. department of motor vehicles came and checked the frames to make sure they weren't stolen. then thay issued me a new frame number and a title to a new car. all for about $200. the local cops didn't like it tho because I put in a rebuilt 327 chevy motor and I could out run their cop cars. I have pics but no way to get them on the computer yet. I will have to go to wlamart and get them on cd.
  5. WOW!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BESTEST BESTTECHIE. (any many mooooooooooooooooooore)
  6. it was 92 here today til the storm moved thru. we had a real bad thunderstorm and it fried my dsl modem. I wasn't home to unplug. for a while I thought it fried my mamaboard but I lucked out. I borrowed a modem from my mama in law. tomorrow I will have to go to the phone company and get a new modem. I will try to convince them it was just a bad modem and maybe I get it free.
  7. southeast oklahoma....103 and humid.
  8. well I don't think there's any way to stop people from scanning your ports but as long as your firewall is stopping them don't worry about it. your firewall is doing it's job.
  9. same thing happened to me about 3 months was the hard drive...I replaced the hard drive and everything was fine...boot to your bios and it will tell you if the hard drive is missing.
  10. thanks long as I have besttechie I've got the world at my fingertips. what more could I ask for?
  11. hey guys...I'm thinking the bottom one should give me 48 volts which is what I'm looking for,
  12. well since it's been over 40 years since I quit school can someone explain this to me?
  13. some indians refer to the wives as "blanket *ss"
  14. thanks guys...I never did figure out what was wrong but I did figure out a way to get it to work.... instead of using the install disk we just copied all the files to his C drive....with no problems. clicked on the exe. file and the darn thing worked....I still don't understand that as some files had to be unpacked. must have been a problem with the install program on the disk. I did learn one money only needs 3 files to work...the exe file, the config file, and the .bak file. have a good day y'all.
  15. a friend formatted his hard drive and installed was a small 4.3 gig drive. he was reinstalling some of his programs and told me about something odd. he is using ms money and it wouldn't setup. I looked at his computer and there were almost 3 gigs free but when I tried to install ms money (under 2 Mb.) a screen came up saying that he didn't have enough hard drive space to install ms money. the setup told us there was less than 3Mb but actually there was at least 3 Gb. anyone have any thought about this?
  16. well I don't know anything about writing .bat files but all windows machines should support .bat files. I know windows 3.1 did.
  17. well I guess I'm kinda nerdy but I've always been afraid to change the ram in my computer with the machine still running. I have changed hard drives with the machine running. stupid?........YES......but there again injuns aren't very smart.
  18. I use firefox and like it. I don't use google toobar or tab browsing. and I don't particullary give a da*** about other people opinions because I never try to force people to change their browser.
  19. the hard part was....he counted the horses legs and divided by two...that gave him the amount of soldiers.
  20. I guess it's up to each person to decide what he or she needs for the computer...some people need a lot and some just need the basics... this is some stats on my main computer: my games folder only has 10 files at a whopping 736 kb. my music folder is empty as I have it all on cd. my picture folder has 1.54 Mb...all my pics are on cd my windows folder is 635 Mb total: 1.39 Gb
  21. I often wonder why bill just didn't improve a little on winders 3.1 I see the new windows is still in the works but my machine will never handle it. windows vista would laugh out loud at 128 meg ram.
  22. let me propose a theoretical situation here. let's pretend a small country like new zealand, which has a military budget of just a little over one billion dollars, and has disbanded their air force recently, was over run by a fanatical faction....who would come to their rescue? probably the USA and Australia...and we would have to kill the intruders to restore the government. have a good day y'all
  23. now I do realize that most people( 99%) don't like winme....well I am wondering what could be wrong? I have reinstalled winme twice in the last 5 1/2 years. once because I wanted to....once last month when my hard drive bit the dust.
  24. I know this won't interest most of you'uns but I thought it was kinda comical. I have a computer in my shop where I do my drafting. have a couple of games, calendar, my drafting program, various other small programs. just for the heck of it I started cleaning the c drive of un-needed files. deleted over 500 reg files and deleted help files, stuff like that. got my complete c drive down to 385 Mb and still running with no problems. I could have done more but I got tired of deleting. see... I knew you wouldn't be interested. have a good day.
  25. I think that everyone has their opinion, so my opinion is........the dizzy $hits should stay in france....and robert redford should move to canada...