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  1. Good Afternoon: I have a question regarding OneDrive: In the Thrift Store, we have a Surface2 RT. It is set up to access OneDrive online through the internet. The problem is that on Onedrive,, we have a directory that stores our Customer Purchase sheet. If I save it, it looks like it goes to the OneDrive Folder - However, when I go home to my desktop, I try to open this file, and it does not exist, and instead, there are 5-6 copies of this file, and they are old. (2016, 2015, 2014, 2013) However, if I power on the Surface, login and then click on the This PC Icon, I can see a Folder called "Skydrive". The question is: How do I make the changes necessary to make sure that the OneDrive saves the file in the folder/directory I specify? I think the Skydrive Folder and the Onedrive folder are somehow different, and this is causing the problem. The file does NOT exist, and I think it is because of the differences in the folder/directory names Any Idea what is going on? Thanks, Brian
  2. Moving Files

    Good Morning hpg3: to move files is easy, you just have to decide whether you want to copy them and paste them, keeping the originals in place, or cut them and paste them to MOVE them from one folder to another. All you would have to do is: 1. Hold down control key, and while doing this, LEFT Click on all files that you want to move to the SD Card. 2. When you have all of these files selected (BLUE HILIGHTED) RIGHT Click in an open area of the screen, and select "cut" If you do that, you will MOVE the files from one location to another location WITHOUT keeping the original file. 3. Now, open the drive you want to move the files to in File Explorer, and then select "paste" and then all the files selected will be moved from one drive to another Hope this helps! Brian

    Chuck: Thanks for that information: I have updated ALL machines on BBUS' Network to version 50.0.2 of Firefox - keep up the good work bud! Respectfully, Brian
  4. BUMP SPYGEEKS.com (found out sometime this summer that this camera system is officially dead - It will be replaced at some point - UPDATED 12/7/16 ~Brian)
  5. Jeff's birthday

    Happy Birthday Jeff!! Hope it was AWESOME, and that you are still working on your goal to be healthier - I am PROUD of you man Keep it UP!!! Brian
  6. You are welcome Chuck - Figured you could use a little hand on this one Brian
  7. I normally do not respond to Malware Removal posts, but this time I am doing so to help the OP - You should follow the instructions in the Pinned and locked Threads. These posts will guide you as you post an OTL log, and whatever Prescans are requested. Then the Helper would respond to help you. Do exactly what they say, and in the order that they say, and They will help you clean up. Brian
  8. Low disk space windows 7

    Furperson: You are welcome Sounds like there is a bunch of stuff in Recycle Bin: Chuck is one of our Malware Removal Specialists: As he says, start a topic in the Malware Removal section, and follow his directions exactly as he directs. Chuck will give you a bunch of scans to run to determine whether there is malware on your system. Do each of them as he requests, and in the order he requests. He can take it from here. Good Luck! Brian
  9. Low disk space windows 7

    Furperson: How much disk space do you have available? How much disk space do you have in total? Do you know if malware may be possibly be impacting what is going on? You may be able to reduce your disk space problem, and increase the amount you have by doing the following things: IE: 1. Go to Tools>Delete Browsing History, and then take a look at the things there: Delete Your Temporary Internet files, and any other things that may be in your cache. 2. Recycle Bin: When you "delete a file" in Windows, it goes to the Recycle Bin. You could have a TON of files in your Recycle Bin - This could be a reason for the drop in disk space. You have to "empty recycle bin" in order to recover the disk space, and you may find that you have sent a lot there, and not deleted it from the recycle bin. 3. Firefox: Clear you cache: Go to about:preferences#advanced Clear your Cached Web Content and your "Offiline web content and user data." 4. You may be able to clear more than that if you run a program called "Temporary file Cleaner" By Oldtimer: You would be surprised as to how much space is being used by temporary files and data. 5. I recommend that you have the BT Trusted Helpers - Flashh4 (Chuck) is one check you over to make sure that you are not infected with some sort of malware. Malware can also slow down your system to a crawl sometimes. Post a request for assistance in our Malware Removal Forums, and they should be able to clean you right up. Good Luck!! Brian

    https://support.realvnc.com/knowledgebase/article/View/345/5/vnc-server-in-virtual-mode-appears-to-hang-or-you-see-a-grey-screen-because-a-desktop-environment-cannot-be-loaded Going from your description, the reason for the issue you face is that VNC Server doesn't work well with version 3 of Gnome (including the Cinnamon desktop environment) in Virtual mode. For this circumstance, I'd recommend using an alternative desktop such as XFCE or KDE as per the following article: In addition to the desktops listed, I've successfully used the MATE desktop in Virtual mode. Regards, Ally RealVNC Product Support Ticket Details
  11. sultan_emerr RIP

    Sultan was always known as a guy who could find really good links, and he always seemed to be a good guy - It is unfortunate to lose a good friend, for whatever reason it happens, God has a plan for each of us. I think back to 04-05 when I started here, and over the years, things change, but we always seem to have fond memories of our friends - wherever they are, they are watching over us. BT is a FAMILY, and I am [rpud to be a member - We miss you bud!! RIP Brian
  12. We lost one of our own (TheTerrorist_75)

    Novi: I have not stopped in for a long spell either - This news is sad, and Don WAS a good guy to all of us!! Brian
  13. We lost one of our own (TheTerrorist_75)

    Good Morning -- I am also saddened by this news. When I was in Malware Removal Training back in 2007 or so, Don was also working with that. Because of other commitments He left Training. I also stayed on until other commitments forced me to give up the training. Don was a good friend and a hard working kind of guy. He always seemed to handle any situation with class and style, and as far as I know, never complained about his health issues, and never missed an opportunity to teach users about life and Technology. I found Don to be a guy that I trusted and respected because he told it like it was, and always had thoughtful responses, that were informative and useful. Rest In Peace Whiskeyman, Your Spirit will always be with us at BT. Take Care, and I was glad to be able to be a friend to you! Brian
  14. Good Morning Team: I have been using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit for about 3-4 months. I have also installed Internet Information Services Manager (IIS) Version 10.0. I will tell you a little story: Many of you know from my postings from about 2011 forward that I was working on my Linux Server (Debian 5.0 - Lenny) for a LONG while, setting up web and shell based services. In July of 2013, the server went down for the last time, and has not been connected to the Internet or the Intranet since. I have renewed BBUS's Domain for 2016, and would like to continue to serve a page to people. This time, would like to run it off of this PC (BRIAN-PC). Why you ask? This is because someone broke into our offices and removed all computers that were in the basement of this location. This really made me MAD, as I had put so much time into this machine, and it actually WORKED well. Now, I want to move forward and try to serve a page. I am really at a crossroads here, because when I installed IIS, I configured it as I believe it should be, and when the server is ON and running, if I am sitting in front of BRIAN-PC, I can go to http://buddy-baker.us, or http://www.buddy-baker.us I can get the site to pop up, because it seems to resolve to my PC. I have opened ports in testing phases, Port 80, and Port 9000. Doing this brings up the site on the internal IP, as long is it is bound to the site. However, If I go to my roommate's Apartment across the hall, I go to http://buddy-baker.us or http://www.buddy-baker.us, or https://buddy-baker,us or https://www.buddy-baker.us I get nothing but a "Waiting for Response from buddy-baker.us" and then it just goes to an "Oops..." Page. It seems that when I PING buddy-baker.us I get 4 rounds from 75.133.xxx.15. So there are other things I have noticed as well. 1. I have opened port 80 for - I also opened port 9000 - These ports are forwarded to the external IP of buddy-baker.us - They seem to respond OK 2. The "oops Page" is telling me it cannot display the webpage when I do further investigation, it shows a time out 3. Even though I have opened port 80 and port 9000, if I use a port scanning tool, it shows ALL ports closed. 4. for XBOX ONE - One of the ports it needs for operation is port 80 - I KNOW from past experience, that this is because of the use of MS Edge. Since I don't use MS Edge on the xbox, and because you cannot have the same port open for 2 different IP addresses at the same time, I REMOVED port 80 from the XBOX ONE's IP Addresses - It seems that there is a plethora of ports that it uses. 5. I added an INBOUND Rule to ALLOW Ports 80 and 9000 through the Windows Firewall. 6. SSL (https://) is NOT available right now, because it has not been installed 7. I have tools called Remote Access Manager, and File Server Resource Manager - I also have placed the Event Viewer, the Performance Monitor, and the Component Services on the Desktop and pinned IIS Manager to the Taskbar. 8. I have also tried to figure out how to fix this problem - There is Little to NONE documentation for IIS 10.0, so most of what I have read concerns older versions (7.0, 7.5, 8.0) and these are different in some ways. I have even tried to go to YouTube and while it has the instructions for setting UP IIS, it does not seem to offer any configuration help - and Yes, I have googled my heart out on this, Can someone give me a hand here?? I have Screenshots of the Router/modem as well, so you can see it. Thanks Team, Brian
  15. Layout & Design`

    Thanks Chuck Brian