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  1. I am trying to help someone over the phone to restore their PC to it's orig anal condition. I went to F11 and when the screen comes up it asks for the Restore CD #1. She puts it in and the PC doesn't do what it is supposed to do. She has 2 Drives. A CD Rom and A Cd/DVD and we tried both with no luck. I had her go into Bios and set it to boot from CD ROM First and that saved but when the PC reboots it gives her 2 choices. 1. Restore Windows Millennium or 2. DOS command Prompt. Why would her PC have Millennium as a choice when it came with XP in the first place? Anyway we tried both drives again and picked Millennium and still nothing. The disk does say Restore Disk 1 bootable on it. SHe gets an error every time we try that says Wrong System.(Millennium) I am guessing it is looking for. She bought this PC new with XP. I am at a loss. Ok I just had her go through it again from the Start All Programs and it did the same thing. She just happened to say something about Restore CD Version 3.0 I asked her where she saw that and it was on the screen. SO I had her look at the CD and it said Restore CD version 1.5 I think that is the problem and somehow they put the wrong disks in the box. I told her to contact Emachines and see if they will send out the Version 3.0.
  2. lefty1953

    XP will not load

    I guess you know best. Good luck with that.
  3. lefty1953

    One W7 disc w/32bit and 64bit ?

    Never done it before, but I would think if you install the 64 Bit version the Key code will be asked for and the same key should work but you will never be able to do any updates for it. Why not just install the 64 Bit instead? Maybe you can install it on another partition on that same PC. Like I said not sure but someone will know.
  4. lefty1953

    XP will not load

    Yes I tried all the above. Yes, I did add new hardware a big diff, the mobo. However, it was as close to the old as it could be. The other C: works fine. However, you did get me thinking. I had a sound card in the old configuration. I took it out because the new mobo should have that working. The other C: may have predated the sound failure on the mobo. I can't remember. The sound was the first thing to go maybe a year and 1/2 ago. Every few months a drive or USB port would die. I had plenty of both. It wasn't till it was clear that the erosion of utility wasn't going to stop that I replaced it. I did not notice any erosion for at least 6 months after I put in a sound card. I guess I will put the sound card back in and see what happens. I used to scan with Malwarebites weely just as routine. I would find a virus every now and then. The scan after the problem was clean. If you just changed the Motherboard and now can't boot, that is the problem. You can't change hardware like that and expect Windows to boot. If you put the old MB back in it will boot again. Windows looks for the hardware that it was first installed with. If it isn't right it wont boot. SO the choice is Old MB or format and install again.
  5. lefty1953

    XP will not load

    Did you use Administrators access to log in? Did you recently install something new? If so go into safe mode and remove it from Add/Remove. If you use administrators access and still can't log in it could be a virus. How about using Last known Good configuration?
  6. lefty1953


    Might try Ccleaner.
  7. lefty1953

    Saved Webpage pictures end up in Vista Pictures folder ?

    What you might try is Save As then open Documents. On the right side right click and choose New Folder. Name the folder Web Pages,enter and then open it then Save Web pages there.
  8. lefty1953

    Saved Webpage pictures end up in Vista Pictures folder ?

    When you go to save a picture or Web page use the save as and then pick where you want to save it to. Just need to give it a name.
  9. lefty1953

    Dell wont boot

    Have you tried to boot into Safe Mode? Tapping the F8 key while it is booting. Once you get there choose Safe Mode and once booted try to do a System restore back to a date prier to the infection. Say a week of so. If you never had a security code then hitting enter when asked for one should get you past that part. If none of this helps come back and ask for more help.
  10. lefty1953

    Graphics card question

    I'm falling behind. I remember once I had to change the jumper on the mother board and then the next time I just had to disable the on board and now I guess it is automatic. Progress. Sure is totally different from my first 300 Baud modem and 8086. Before that it was the TI-994a. And before that was the Arari 400 then the 800XL.
  11. lefty1953

    Graphics card question

    Not sure about your PC but, once you install the new card you might have to change a jumper on the motherboard to allow the card to over ride the on-board graphics. If you put it in and it doesn't work come back for help. You most likely will just have to change the BIOS settings now that I think about it. There will be a setting to disable the on-board graphics.
  12. lefty1953

    Congrats you won

    IS Avast updated? Have you ran Malwarebytes?
  13. lefty1953

    flatbed scanner

    Did you try a compatibility mode on that scanner. Right click on the file and set the Compatibility to XP.
  14. Are you running Windows 7? If you right click on C: and then Properties then tools you wil see Defragment Now. Open that and then at the top it says Configure Schedule. Set it up for Weekly Daily or Monthly. Monthly would be best but only if you add and remove a lot of programs. It doesn't Fragment when you are not adding programs, other than the Word or Notepad files and Picture and Music files.
  15. lefty1953

    network configuration

    I feel special. Well I just used Search and got lucky.