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  1. I've tried resolutions anywhere from 800X600 to 1024*768. It doesn't really change anything. What's funny is that as soon as I uninstall the drivers, dual display works just fine between the computer and TV. I kind of think I'm just going to have to find some drivers that actually work with the card instead of using the most up to date ones I've used this setup years ago with Windows XP so I know it can do it, it just is being very fussy with the newer OSes and drivers. I've heard ATIs work better for this sort of thing, but this is a secondary computer that I'm mainly just playing around with so if I can't get it to work my laptop can do this exact sort of thing just fine. edit: funny, i just noticed we joined this site the exact same day almost 4 years ago. you have 100 times the posts i do though. haha
  2. Ok so I've done some research and determined that this is definitely a driver issue, not a hardware or even settings problem. For whatever reason, the most up-to-date drivers do not want to allow me to output on 2 displays. So, until I can figure this out, does anyone know of an OS that WILL work with dual-monitors and an NVidia Card + adaptor? OpenSuse 11.1 didn't want to work either.
  3. Hmm, still no luck. I've tried a few different drivers but none of them want to work. Like I said, the computer detects that the TV is connected via S-Video, but the screen is just black. It works fine on boot, until the OS starts.
  4. I have my PC hooked up to both a monitor through the VGA port, and a TV through an adaptor that came with my Nvidia GeForce 6600. When I reboot my computer, I see the same display on both screens so I know everything works and is hooked up properly. The problem is that as soon as the OS (windows 7) starts, the TV display goes blank. I have all the recent drivers installed, and have tried configuring it with both the control panel and the Nvidia configuration program. The computer recognizes that there are two displays connected, but when i click 'identify' only the monitor shows the number. I recently had linux installed on this same computer and had the same problem where the displays would work until the OS was fully boot up. Anyone know what's up with this and why it's not working?
  5. shoot this is in the wrong forum. mods is there anyway this can be moved to the linux forum?
  6. I'm not sure what you mean so I'll answer it two ways. It's connecting via USB to my college's network. I'm just looking for a way to extend the range so I can access my files from home and not have to sit in a corner of my house.
  7. Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is my first post ever, or if it's just been years but anyway I could use your expertise. I have a box running OpenSuse 11.1 that connects to the internet with a Belkin Wireless Adaptor. That works, everything is cool What I want to do is share that connection with my laptop wirelessly via my Belkin Wireless Router. I followed some instructions on how to enable internet connection sharing in linux, but there are a few questions i have for once I've done that. Firstly, I have my router connected to my ethernet port on the computer. The ethernet cord goes from the computer to the internet/wan port on the router. AFAIK this is NOT a crossover cable. Is that a problem/necessary? Secondly, assuming that's not a problem since it's functioning only to broadcast the connection, how would I set the router to take the connection from my linux box and broadcast it wirelessly. It says there's no connection and I'm thinking that's because the linux box isn't acting as a DHCP server or providing anything other than a static-ip address (correct?). I'm pretty savvy with computers and wireless networks so the instructions don't need to be really specific, I'm just not exactly sure how to tackle this problem. Thanks guys!
  8. ok, well i couldn't find the shelliconcache file in the Windows folder, so i did some research and discovered that it is now a file called Iconcache.db under my application data. the problem is that, after deleting and rebooting, my icons are still messed up. I have no idea where to go from here.
  9. first of all let me say this, i know to generally avoid the skinning programs that mess with the shell32 folder, but i couldn't resist and installed FlyAKiteOSX. It was cool for a bit, but as expected i decided it ate up too many resources and I just didn't like it. After restoring my system to it's prior state and uninstalling all the programs it came with, notably icon tweaker, i noticed not all my icons were restored. This includes some in the start menu. I tried repairing my icons thru TweakUI and TweakXP, but alas none of these work. I've tried searching for solutions all over the internet about how it could be the icon cache, and still none of the solutions i've tried such as altering the cache file to store more icon data has worked. System restore is not an option because I did this a long time ago (3+ weeks) and a lot of other things on my system have changed. i've looked all over the place, but i cant figure out how to restore these icons. some of my icons for files such as videos, pictures, and music etc. are also messed up and have the icon that's there when it doesn't know what kind of file it is, even though the files work correctly. . does anyone know a way where i can restore these icons in ways other than i've already tried? If there's a program or something that'll edit these icons so i can replace the defaults, that'd be great. I'm not computer illiterate, so I'm alright with trying something fairly advanced too. Thanks!
  10. sorry it took so long to answer back. the laptop is an HP laptop which i believe has a recovery partition, but i still think it takes a disk to access. I've tried accessing safemode as suggested, but there is no way, basically i can't get into windows whatsoever. but what do you guys think, do you think it would work to run chkdsk or am i SOL? any other suggestions on how to repair this.
  11. marty, first of all thank you for your response. allow me to explain the situation: i work at my university's tech support center (resnet) and a student brought in his computer after it randomly shut off on him which caused more problems to occur. to be specific, it is in an infinite loop of restarting. it shows the windows loading screen, but shortly thereafter there is a quick blue screen and then it reboots, only to repeat. safemode and last known good configuration are all disfunctional, so there's no way of running that from the command prompt. this is a windows MCE laptop, and the student does not have the restore disks that came with his computer as they are at home, halfway across the country. generally what we would do in this situation is use on of our own copies of windows xp pro or home, with the CD key found on the bottom of the laptop to do a repair install, but since we do not have an MCE disk, this is not an option either. that is why i was wondering if it's possible to use the repair console to access things such as chkdsk or something else to repair problem. during the blue screen the error is something BOOT_VOLUME (student videotaped the error and then paused it to show us) so im wondering if just repairing the MBR or running chkdsk could possibly fix the problem. I'm sort of looking for different solutions since my coworkers seem to have written it off as in need of the recovery disks, but i promised the student (my next door neighbor) i'd look into fixing it. i hope that can help. thanks
  12. is it possible to do a windows repair using a different windows disk. for example, there is a computer with windows XP MCE 2005 installed, but the only accessible disk is either Xp Home or XP Pro. Is it possible to repair windows using using either of these? Also, is it possible to use either of these to successfully run chkdsk?
  13. that is a good enough reason to do it :-) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yeah it was pretty cool today, a lot of jaws dropped when i was showing off video clips to people who had ipods just like me. they were jealous and couldn't understand how in the world i did it. i love it
  14. wel, as of right now ipod linux can only hand uncompressed .avi files that are set to a specific resolution and screen size, as well as audio bit rate. so i don't know where to go from there. im thinking i'll just give up on that movie, cuz i wouldn't wanna watch it on my ipod anyways, it's more jsut to say "hey guys, look at this, i bet your ipod can't play videos"