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  1. Its not scheduled to be an upgrade, last I herard, it will be a full version new install only.
  2. I don't think that whole process has ever taken me more then 5 minutes, and I do it quite often. Maybe I'm just lucky
  3. Ya you would have a kick a$$ machine probally the best on the block For a month.
  4. still average 4-5 spam mail a day Thats it??? Consider yourself lucky and move on.
  5. Net Send
  6. Have you checked your mobo's makers websitee to see if the board is sp2 compatible. The only issues i have seen with sp2 usually involve a budget mobo and their usb connections.
  7. Your firewall at home is probably blocking it.
  8. That software is called the Shared computer Management Toolkit and is available free from MSFT. It resets everything back to a base point whenever the computer is rebooted. We use it on many public computers and it does work quite well.
  9. Knew your splicing togethor those short porn clips would come in handy sooner or later didn't ya Tyme>
  10. I would 2nd that opinion. Thats a smokin' price for that card.
  11. Try cloning the entire drive to the new hdd with Acronis, the free version will work just fine. If its going in hte same machine, just on a bigger hdd you shouldn't have to reinstall anything.
  12. Part of your problem is that Sp2 includes Sp1 and you already have that installed.Uninstall sp1 and then give it a whirl, make sure you remove all of your updates (thru control updates...remove etc..)
  13. With 12 months of AOHELL has to be done with it. That adds about $250.00 or so more to it... always a catch huh..
  14. From your description I would first check the vid card like Liz said. Then I would check the ram and heatsink/cpu and make sure they are all well seated and the cpu doesn't have any brown spots on it. (burned) Touching a plugged in and ground p/s should discharge your static electricity. I would also try restting the cmos.
  15. If you want it to run in dual channel mode, put it in the blue slot, if you don't care, put it in the black slot (#2)