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  1. I used to have an Apache server set up but then i had to reformate about 2months back.

    I havn't needed it so i havn't reinstalled it....untill now (DUM DUM DUM)

    So i downloaded the .MSI installer for Windows, ran it, typed it http://localhost/ and....404 error -.-

    I figured i did something wrong so i followed this guide

    I read the Apache FAQ didn't find anything, so i read and reinstalled about 5times and even went to the Apache IRC channel and of course its basicly empty.

    I don't think im doing anything wrong because its just an installation.

    I also told Window's firewall to let it through, and the status of the Apache server is green.

  2. Um, well used printer, HP DeskJet 930C/932C/935C.

    When i try and print it takes the papper does the motion but doesn't print, theres still ink in the black and color, i think there might be something wrong with the Ink jet, but i donno >_<, what else could it be?

  3. as a nerd, geek, gamer, ect. ect. ect.

    what are the things that you are too afraid to do? seriously! especially if it's something that you've kinda wanted to do just to be a little more normal rather than a nerd or what ever.

    for example as a nerd i'm very antisocial so i don't usually talk to people much, even joke around, although i can fearlessly joke online i have trouble doing it in person with people i don't know well. and as another example something i've seen people dance in empty streets out in public view and i've wanted to have the enough self confidence to do that. i know it doesn't take much for normies but for me, i don't have enough but with my GFs help i'm going to probably tomarrow or in the next couple days. yeah i know it's silly but still.

    I think thats most geeks problem =P i do the same, i don't like people, so i dont like to be social AT ALL, i wouldn't say im "afraid" just dont like it.

  4. Me, My father and my little sister went to the movies and we decided to see Monster House 3D version,

    I didn't think the "3D" part would be so good on acount the last time i saw anything in "3D" was 8-9 years ago at six flags, with those old red and blue papper glasses (and those really sucked)

    But the technology used now adays (well atleast on this movie) is different, and works ALOT better.

    The movie it self was amazing, and the 3D part was even better!

    But it wasn't perfect, Some colors were off (Such as faces, hands, or skin of any kind, but anything else was perfect) and a few times (well more like once or twice) you'd see double for a few seconds, its far from perfect but its gotta so much better i wanna see more movies with this!

    And i will, Nightmare Befor Christmas will be rereleasing in threaters in 3D, and im sure that'll be amazing.

    So in closing, If you like animated movies, and some cool technology then Monster House is the movie for you =p