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  1. Its gotta be a better cash then that.
  2. No footprints on it, it was a state one -.-, Anyways, Turns out, in Texas, you don't need SSC, Proof of SSN or a I.D to register to VOTE. They will take the Birth C, but i need that AND something else, so the proof of voting blah blah, anyways i think ill be able to work around this crap.
  3. I donno why, but this had me on the floor laughing
  4. I guess Illinois finally did something right, they do not require a SS# for a DL or state ID. I'm surprised a certified copy of a birth certificate is NOT accepted, yet an adoption decree is. Tell me about it -.-, And a Report card? How easy are those to fake? COME ON PEOPLE.
  5. * U.S. driver’s license; #Need I.D AND SSC for that -.- * State-issued nondriver identification card; or * U.S. passport. * Employee ID card; # Need SSC lol * School ID card; #Home Schooled * Health insurance card (not a Medicare card); #No Insurance * U.S. military ID card; or * Adoption decree. Is it not kinda messed up that i had my Birth Certificate and my fathers there, with his I.D and his SSC and his name on my birth certificate, WITH proof of my SSN (just not the actual card) but nah no that doesn't prove who i am, not at all -.-, My only choose is to try and somehow remember the last Hospital i went to for my Medical Records
  6. Sometimes...This country really amazes me, Im 18 and of course need a job, and license, to get these things i need SS Card, awhile back in some chaos my SS card goes POOF and is gone, So now i need to get another one right? So i do some research, and find out i need an I.D, ok well so i go and research that, and find out i need SS card to get the I.D to get the SS Card...Now how in the hell does that make scense? Oh and of course, they'll accept a report card from school...Im home schooled...I have my Birth Certificate but of course thats not good enough...So lets get this straight, a REPORT CARD is acceptable, but yet a Birth Certificate...Nah not goin work, This had to get that off my chest, So at the moment i can't see any opinions, honestly pretty annoyed right now.
  7. Found this, thought it'd be helpful.
  8. Its not a party without nakedness
  9. Depends, iv come across some really rude people that work there, and they get nothing but a kick in the ass. But if there nice and quick ill tip.
  10. You know what, iv had that bookmarked for months but i forgot about it (thats the trouble when you have 200+bookmarks) Thanks for the reminder =)
  11. Hmm, Alright ill be using Python, can anyone recommend a good starting place to start learning how to manipulate XML with Python?
  12. Hey everyone, I'v been searching for a project and i finally came up with one that is challenging but within my ability, So this project requires storing info and SAVING it to be loaded and read later. What it needs to store is Questions, 4 choices for answers, and then point value for each answer, Like those online "What superhero are you!", Would XML be a right choice for this? or could i do this with a .dat or .txt file.
  13. Thats the old Info, i guess the only place that still does stuff like this TODAY is
  15. worst photoshop skills, in the world.
  16. If you need new sites to go to, download the firefox extension Stumble Upon =P,
  17. This is a cute video of a baby panda bear sneezing and scaring the crap out of his mom.
  18. Naming is hard


    LMAO, I must be tired cause at first i thought it said "My dog and MY girlfriend" XD, anyways, Puppies!! w00t
  19. Donno if thats what you wanted.
  20. If you remember i posted some college classes from brown a little bit back, but now i'v got more. and
  21. Lol, iv only posted one screamer and that was awhile ago, i can't stand those XD, i can't watch anything on the internet now without fast fowarding with the sound off
  22. Anyone remember those picture hunt games? well i found a flash one, enjoy
  23. Lol that is why noone touches my crap.