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  1. I personally prefer googles.
  2. =o wow, i thought someone would have got it, the movie was Serenity.
  3. Anchorman I donno, maybe thats a little hard.
  4. I have always heard Panhandle refer to Texas. This whole fence stuff is kinda funny, its not even fully a Physical fence, But meh, anyone that lives in Texas Or Cali knows how bad immigration is.
  5. Naming is hard


    Well, we can see why he got so much candy. The cute ones get the goodies. Unfourunatley me, and two of my neighboors didn't make it through the night safely. Lmao, dude you got owned
  6. Naming is hard


    I went to sleep at 7:30 last night =P Skipped the whole holiday, was great.
  8. This is why you don't try and scam people, Expescially if your a moron.
  9. Hit print screen >> Open MS Paint, CTRL+V
  10. Im lovin it, (Thank you Mcdonalds) and the fact that the tabs go back to the tab you were in before when you close the one your in. @[email protected] confusing.
  11. I wish i was born 100years later -.-, i want my touch, smell and feel virtual reality mmorpgs.
  12. Don't think its been posted, but i remember that from awhile back, Minutes! of fun =p
  13. I like the big buttons but i don't like the entire left side of the screen being background.
  14. Naming is hard

    Net Stores

    Take the best Review, and the Worst review, and ignore them.
  15. lol, i saw that on Digg awhile back.
  16. Naming is hard


    So far i havn't seen any reason to stop using FireFox
  17. Women saved by Dog, then dies trying to save cat, SCREW YOU CAT.
  18. yay, blind people can enjoy porn to!
  19. I can't think of Arizona without thinking of the movie Raising Arizona xD.