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  1. Granted but a new study shows OCing causes cancer... I wish Socom 3 was out already!
  2. Nice, im reading some tutorials from the site now ^^
  3. Granted but i steal them while your not lookig >_> I wish i had a freaking coke right now
  4. Hmmm maybe ill check out python
  5. XD the wind lol My dog is huge but it scared of just about everything lol even tile
  6. Granted but i drop and break them while drying 0-o I wish i had a new drum set
  7. Is it normal to be completly confused when reading tutortials 0-o... XD im trying but i dont follow >_> Iv been trying "Basic" Tutorials for C++... Maybe i should try an easier language?
  8. You should ^^ think you'll like it
  9. its not funny b/c its just wrong like south park, Its funny b/c its completly random XD,
  10. awesome, Go ahead and send it to my house ^^ lol
  11. I don't think im ever THAT bored 0-o
  12. So im having problems with Firefox plugin QuickTime, No matter how many times i tell it installed and it says its installed it still doesn't work 0-o XD so i can't watch the superman trailer lol
  13. Every geek should know how to use binary to count to 31 on one hand.
  14. Age of Empires 3 demo is up for download ^^ Check it out Just scroll down
  15. is the 3rd one down the guy from Old boy?
  16. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh outside, Heard its nice this time of year
  17. Internet Type: Dsl ISP: SBC Yahoo Price: like 25$ i think @[email protected] Download Speed: 1271 kbps (158.9 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 314 kbps (39.3 KB/sec transfer rate)