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  1. lol... how many boy friends / girl friends have you had in your life. Like 6? 3 lasting longer then just a few months disgruntled workers thread 17 dont work. maybe bible should come in pop up book form LOL, not religious(however you spell it) i heart Microsoft thread Ewwwwww
  2. Hehe, hope everyones Thankgiving dinner was great! i had a hotpocket! lol
  3. I have ran Microsoft spyware scan (Not updated course) but AGV wont let me cuz i have to restart, know any online ones? I was thinking of reformating b/c all my importent stuff is in the D: drive but then id have a full day of updating reinstalling tweating settings and blah blah, But i guess i gotta
  4. Well like i said it works perfectly fine when i restore, just cant turn it off or ill be screwed when i turn it back on
  5. First let me first say its good to have Besttechie back and with the old look ^^ now to the problem. on exactly October 24 whenever i turn on or reset my computer it would reset(At the Windows loading screen), in a endless loop untill i booted in safe mode. When in safe mode the only thing i could do is restore to the 23, i have no idea what could be goin on, i did almost nothing but listen to music on the 23-24. I cant update Windows, Scans, Or anything(b/c they need me to reboot after updates) so im boned untill this is fixed =/ Im on windows XP home. Oh yeah the first time i tried "Start Windows with last known configation that worked" or something like that, It worked, but only once , when i turned off "reboot on system failure" i got a blue screen (duh). Just woke up, thats all i can think of right now ^^;
  6. pfft, they will never find me XD... i mean, >_> what a weirdo
  7. never thought beating a women would be so fun
  8. Im sorry, i know how you most feel, i hope everything works out ok
  9. I THINK till dust to dawn was filed in El paso,...alot of movies were filmed in el paso though >_>
  10. Hehehe cool "Your GF score is 67."
  11. Hmmm................Thats almost to f'ed to believe, Good thing it wasn't me, Or id do alot more hurting then Helping ungratful bastards
  12. Hello, So iv been burning DVDs using Nero for awhile now and all works fine, but then my dvd player messes up, so i take the one from my room and stick it in the living room and hook it up and all but when i try and play any burnt DVDs, the screen flips out and it scrolls downwards 0-o , But it works with Normal DVDs, Since the other one is broke i cant see if it works on the other one like its meant to, but i have burnt DVDs befor and they worked fine on the now-broken player, Any ideas of why its not working right?, its a..Sony player i think if that helps >_>..
  13. Hmmm i live in texas and the weather changes about every 10mins so i couldn't say XD
  14. Your earings and your nose never stop growing...
  15. 1) Bad at reading to oddly enough for the same reason, 2) Good at gaming 3) And Watching T.V
  16. Yeah quicktime was installed ^^ but i got it working
  17. Granted but then they have stupid replys like this Wish i could fly
  18. hahah...that made me lol
  19. Granted, but now Microsoft has noone to steal from Wish chicken was free
  20. They all took the same one?
  21. yeah but its kinda hard to play in broken helmets and riped gear ^^
  22. Granted but Soda machine prices whent up to 100$ a can I wish i wasn't so bored
  23. Granted but the office is now a hotspot for Terrorist attacks. I wish i wasn't so stupid