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  1. Happy New Year ^^ now everyone go get drunk as hell
  2. Only two other people in texas and one is From El paso to....heh what are the odds of that
  3. hey! what do you all think of my new sig. You can never stop the signal...
  4. Hello! alot of user made PhotoShop/sig Tuts at this site Scrath-design Alot more then just Tuts there though.
  5. A Byte Of Python is a good book to, The whole book can be downloaded, or you can buy it.
  6. Yeah i dont know you either but HEY! Welcome back.
  7. Hmmm Yahoo.Sbc had good support when my roter didn't work at first...Turns out my Alarm was messing with it...Weird
  8. I like Utorrent...Very small. Doesn't slow my connection more then any other Client, i use Sbc yahoo DSL same as you i believe. I used Azurous or whatever, i liked it for awhile, But slowly learned to hate it lol.
  9. Hey everyone. I hope so far your Christmas season has been goin better then mine. Alot of bad stuff this year and i hope im the only one having to go through such horrible stuff this year. I dont wanna go into details but i hope you all will help me pray for my girlfriend. Again Merry Christmas.
  10. Your better off without one, it will overheat on you befor you can take it out of the box
  11. lol a teacher loving her class room? sick
  12. I know this game is kinda old but has anyone here played it, fun or no? im sort of grown out of board games but iv been bored latly. Heres a link for those who dont know what im talking about
  13. lol i donno but iv been having alot of problems with Nero latly, Really starting to piss me off,
  14. haha omg XD thats bad lol, i wonder what could have been wrong with it >_>
  15. Hey! thats one of the shows i like =/ that and reruns of Call For Help
  16. hehe i think i got it, lol Dinner, Movie, Flowers (she loves white roses) and a stuffed animal (she loves those to got tons of em ^^) Just need to figure out somewhere nice, and she put me on a limit for the gift! lol how mean
  17. I thought we all knew how lazy i was XD lol. But thanks ^^ i was gonna look anyways but i got lazy again >_>
  18. That would be a great idea, ^^ if i didn't live in El paso where they are no Theaters like that =/
  19. Hello everyone ^^, So as we all prolly know Christmas is right around the corner and i need help, I have NO IDEA what do get my Girlfriend >_< I have a 100$ limit, But besides buying her somthing i want to do somthing really nice for her, but im not creative and i need help >_< lol. Suggestens would be great XD lol, im sure ill think of somthing but i could use all your help.
  20. Well, Its done, I reformated, Bad news is i FORGOT TO BACKUP MY BOOKMARKS Grr lol, Im an idiot, no way im goin to remember everything i had, owell atleast i can restart.