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  1. Lol i never watch a video on any site unless it has a comment system, these things are everywhere
  2. Lol, thats old, someone tried to get me with it, but it was only a few weeks after i got the crap scared out of me by the game one, so i wasn't stupid enough to click the link lol
  3. lol this site turns a webpage into...well youll see. Afew popular sites
  4. hope everything works out for the best ^^
  5. Lol yeah there is alot of Programming lingo, if you wanna go Python here is a good Tutorial also a book, but its free,
  6. as said above Python, or Java would be a good place to start, dont start with C++ its very hard for beginners. Ruby and Perl are also great
  7. how stupid is she gonna look in that "Broadway musical" now that her chest is bigger then her head? noones gonna wanna watch that (not any decent person anyways XD, might attract a whole new crowd though >_>)
  8. 0-o if her boss doesn't think she can perform her job anymore he has a right to fire her (Just thought id put alittle argument into this thread =P to much agreeing) You guys just want her to win cuz you wish you were the ones about to win 100 Zillion dallors lol. Now all i need is for someone to side with me and we're even! lol...
  9. Yes, we kids have it so easy, i mean with the internet making it even EASIER for kidnappers and sex offends to find us, Now we only have to stupidly get on the net to be killed!, w00t im sure glad i live in this day and age, =P. btw, that was funny as hell, =o and Atari 2600 rules.
  10. Heres another python code for tic-tac-toe (Nooooooooooo i didn't write this) X = "X" O = "O" EMPTY = " " TIE = "TIE" NUM_SQUARES = 9 def display_instruct(): """Display game instructions.""" print \ """ Welcome to the greatest intellectual challenge of all time: Tic-Tac-Toe. This will be a showdown between your human brain and my silicon processor. You will make your move known by entering a number, 0 - 8. The number will correspond to the board position as illustrated: 0 | 1 | 2 --------- 3 | 4 | 5 --------- 6 | 7 | 8 Prepare yourself, human. The ultimate battle is about to begin. \n """ def ask_yes_no(question): """Ask a yes or no question.""" response = None while response not in ("y", "n"): response = raw_input(question).lower() return response def ask_number(question, low, high): """Ask for a number within a range.""" response = None while response not in range(low, high): response = int(raw_input(question)) return response def pieces(): """Determine if player or computer goes first.""" go_first = ask_yes_no("Do you require the first move? (y/n): ") if go_first == "y": print "\nThen take the first move. You will need it." human = X computer = O else: print "\nYour bravery will be your undoing... I will go first." computer = X human = O return computer, human def new_board(): """Create new game board.""" board = [] for square in range(NUM_SQUARES): board.append(EMPTY) return board def display_board(board): """Display game board on screen.""" print "\n\t", board[0], "|", board[1], "|", board[2] print "\t", "---------" print "\t", board[3], "|", board[4], "|", board[5] print "\t", "---------" print "\t", board[6], "|", board[7], "|", board[8], "\n" def legal_moves(board): """Create list of legal moves.""" moves = [] for square in range(NUM_SQUARES): if board[square] == EMPTY: moves.append(square) return moves def winner(board): """Determine the game winner.""" WAYS_TO_WIN = ((0, 1, 2), (3, 4, 5), (6, 7, 8), (0, 3, 6), (1, 4, 7), (2, 5, 8), (0, 4, 8), (2, 4, 6)) for row in WAYS_TO_WIN: if board[row[0]] == board[row[1]] == board[row[2]] != EMPTY: winner = board[row[0]] return winner if EMPTY not in board: return TIE return None def human_move(board, human): """Get human move.""" legal = legal_moves(board) move = None while move not in legal: move = ask_number("Where will you move? (0 - 8):", 0, NUM_SQUARES) if move not in legal: print "\nThat square is already occupied, foolish human. Choose another.\n" print "Fine.." return move def computer_move(board, computer, human): """Make computer move.""" # make a copy to work with since function will be changing list board = board[:] # the best positions to have, in order BEST_MOVES = (4, 0, 2, 6, 8, 1, 3, 5, 7) print "I shall take square number", # if computer can win, take that move for move in legal_moves(board): board[move] = computer if winner(board) == computer: print move return move # done checking this move, undo it board[move] = EMPTY # if human can win, block that move for move in legal_moves(board): board[move] = human if winner(board) == human: print move return move # done checkin this move, undo it board[move] = EMPTY # since no one can win on next move, pick best open square for move in BEST_MOVES: if move in legal_moves(board): print move return move def next_turn(turn): """Switch turns.""" if turn == X: return O else: return X def congrat_winner(the_winner, computer, human): """Congratulate the winner.""" if the_winner != TIE: print the_winner, "won!\n" else: print "It's a tie!\n" if the_winner == computer: print "As I predicted, human, I am triumphant once more. \n" \ "Proof that computers are superior to humans in all regards." elif the_winner == human: print "No, no! It cannot be! Somehow you tricked me, human. \n" \ "But never again! I, the computer, so swears it!" elif the_winner == TIE: print "You were most lucky, human, and somehow managed to tie me. \n" \ "Celebrate today... for this is the best you will ever achieve." def main(): display_instruct() computer, human = pieces() turn = X board = new_board() display_board(board) while not winner(board): if turn == human: move = human_move(board, human) board[move] = human else: move = computer_move(board, computer, human) board[move] = computer display_board(board) turn = next_turn(turn) the_winner = winner(board) congrat_winner(the_winner, computer, human) # start the program main() raw_input("\n\nPress the enter key to quit.")
  11. Naming is hard

    Learn C

    Really? for the awhile i couldn't find anything on C, mostly C# and C++
  12. Naming is hard

    Learn C Theres alot of Tutorials there, hope that helps
  13. 69% like Elijah Wood, LMAO! And 50% like Ben Affleck XD And heres a shocker 48% like Eminem and if i change the thing to Female, 61% like a women
  15. lol stupidest thing ever, i mean its kinda clever and funny, but without the Subtitles you cant understand a word.
  16. He's a pool but, She likes to swim? lol i donno, thats 4 hard secs of thinking right there =P
  17. lol nice, but i have a feeling thats what gets you in the firey hot after life.
  18. Mental Typewriter and Game Controller =O
  19. Heh, i read the first story on Digg and believed it aswell, and i ALMOST whent to bittorrent the game, AND i googled it, looked up the price and exactly what type of game it was, Now, THATS interesting =P,