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  1. Sometimes...This country really amazes me, Im 18 and of course need a job, and license, to get these things i need SS Card, awhile back in some chaos my SS card goes POOF and is gone, So now i need to get another one right? So i do some research, and find out i need an I.D, ok well so i go and research that, and find out i need SS card to get the I.D to get the SS Card...Now how in the hell does that make scense? Oh and of course, they'll accept a report card from school...Im home schooled...I have my Birth Certificate but of course thats not good enough...So lets get this straight, a REPORT CARD is acceptable, but yet a Birth Certificate...Nah not goin work, This country....wow...Just had to get that off my chest, So at the moment i can't see any opinions, honestly pretty annoyed right now.
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    Heh, Simplist pong game you could make. I couldn't get the scoring working for 2players or change the balls direction in mid-game so the ball starts off at an angle. Still took me about aday though. EDIT: Opps i forgot to say, W and S for player one, and Up and Down arrows for player two. #Pong #Ryan Luna 7/9/06 import random from livewires import games, color SCREEN_WIDTH = 640 SCREEN_HEIGHT = 480 THE_SCREEN = games.Screen(SCREEN_WIDTH, SCREEN_HEIGHT) class Player1(games.Sprite): image = games.load_image("paddle.bmp") sound = games.load_sound("paddle.wav") def __init__ (self, screen, x, y): self.init_sprite(screen = screen, x = x, y = y, image = Player1.image) def moved(self): #Moving the paddle for player1 x, y = self.get_pos() if self.screen.is_pressed(games.K_w): y -= 1 if self.screen.is_pressed(games.K_s): y += 1 self.move_to(x, y) self.check_for_collide() def check_for_collide(self): """ Check if pan catches a pizza. """ if self.overlapping_objects(): ball = self.overlapping_objects()[0] ball.handle_collide() Player1.sound.play() class Player2(games.Sprite): image = games.load_image("paddle.bmp") def __init__ (self, screen, x, y): self.init_sprite(screen = screen, x = x, y = y, image = Player2.image) def moved(self): #Moving the paddle for player2 x, y = self.get_pos() if self.screen.is_pressed(games.K_UP): y -= 1 if self.screen.is_pressed(games.K_DOWN): y += 1 self.move_to(x, y) self.check_for_collide() def check_for_collide(self): """ Check if pan catches a pizza. """ if self.overlapping_objects(): ball = self.overlapping_objects()[0] ball.handle_collide() Player1.sound.play() class Ball(games.Sprite): image = games.load_image("ball.bmp") sound = games.load_sound("lose.wav") def __init__ (self, screen, x, y, speedy, speedx = 2): self.init_sprite(screen = screen, x = x, y = y, dx = speedx, dy = speedy, image = Ball.image) self.score_value = 0 self.score_text = games.Text(screen = self.screen, x = 250, y = 20, text = " ", size = 25, color = color.white) def moved(self): if self.get_left() < 0: self.ball_destroy() self.create_ball() Ball.sound.play() if self.get_right() > SCREEN_WIDTH: self.ball_destroy() self.create_ball() Ball.sound.play() self.scoring() if self.get_bottom() > SCREEN_HEIGHT: self.bounce() if self.get_top() < 0: self.bounce() def scoring(self): self.score_value += 10 self.score_text.set_text("Score: " + str(self.score_value)) def handle_collide(self): self.reverse() def ball_destroy(self): self.destroy() def reverse(self): """ Reverse direction. """ dx, dy = self.get_velocity() self.set_velocity((-dx, dy)) def bounce(self): """ Bounce off wall """ dx, dy = self.get_velocity() self.set_velocity((dx, -dy)) def create_ball(self): y_speed = random.randrange(2) + 1 Ball(screen = self.screen, x = SCREEN_HEIGHT/2, y = SCREEN_WIDTH/2, speedy = y_speed) def main(): my_screen = THE_SCREEN bg_image = games.load_image("blackscreen.jpg", transparent = False) my_screen.set_background(bg_image) y_speed = random.randrange(2) + 1 Player1(screen = my_screen, x = 10, y = SCREEN_HEIGHT/2) Player2(screen = my_screen, x = 630, y = SCREEN_HEIGHT/2) Ball(screen = my_screen, x = SCREEN_HEIGHT/2, y = SCREEN_WIDTH/2, speedy = y_speed) my_screen.mouse_visible(False) my_screen.mainloop() main() I'd attach it but it wont upload .py
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    Right click one of the tabs and hit refresh all tabs? Or did i miss understand your question.
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    http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/ http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkcpp/
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    Has anyone heard about this *Removed site? If not *Removed Seems pretty legit, if your interested the link above takes you to the sign up *The site is questionable and the link to it was removed by me until it can be confirmed not to be a scam. -TheTerrorist_75-
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    No its not a "ad spam site" (whatever that even is, Donno how you can get spamed with ads these days) it does serve you ads (Or atleast its suppose to, There client seems to be broken cause no ad's) but it pays you to get the ads, and where the ad's appear is extremely small, So far seems to be working well for me. If you read the about page theres a lot more info. Just thought some people would like to know about it ^^, a friend told me about it and he has been using it for a few months.
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    Save Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality is an importent subject these days, used to be thing like this went without saying, but as of late we'v had to make sure things like the internet stay free, links below will help explain whats goin on and what you can do. WHAT IS NET NEUTRALITY: John Stewart On Net Neutrality "I'm a PC" Guy With John On Net Neutrality. Leo Laporte on Net Neutrality KFI 265 Senator Stevens On Net Neutraility Ask a Ninja On Net Neutrality Net Neutrality Wiki WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT: http://www.savetheinternet.com/
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    Find Sound-a-like Bands

    http://pandora.com/ Will do the samething ^^
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    My Not Be Family Friendly

    http://www.demonoid.com/ Scroll down, The most popular Audio Book? Doctor who Most popular Comic book? The hulk Most popular Book? Unlocking The Secrets of The G Spot Contents: - Unlocking the Secrets of the G-Spot - 5 part series PLUS BONUS - Example of Tickling the G-Spot - G-Spot Part 2 - How to Locate it Geeks aren't ashamed of much.
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    True Or False

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    Ram For Ubuntu

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    Wrong Ball, Coach!

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    Anyone here use or have used WAMP in the past? If so does it lump the access.conf, and srm.conf files into httpd.conf on install? I ask because AccessConfig /dev/null and ResourceConfig /dev/null are not in the httpd.conf file yet i can't find the access.conf and srm.conf files.
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    As funny as it is to put in things like "Boob" I don't recommend it when children are around lol.
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    I think you might have the wrong idea about partitions http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/p/partition.html
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    Iv tried many different linux distros but never actually installed slackware.
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    Anyone else try Beryl yet? Its nice but on Ubuntu edgy it breaks the video play back.
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    The History Of Mandkind

    Very interesting
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    Firefox Critical Error

    I'v had this happen to me to a few times and a few other people i know, just a problem with Firefox they'v yet to fix.
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    So My Dad Started Callin Me Captain Kirk

    Geez, get a bigger table =P
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    Floods In Texas

    Im here in Texas and only saw minor flooding, but im not in flood territory.
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    Any Good Mmo Games?

    If you like a good commuity you should try Ryzom, its a fantastic game with better players, Coming from WoW you know how stupid people on the internet can be, you don't have those types of people in Ryzom, thats really the only MMO out there that i like atm, and iv played just about all of them. http://www.ryzom.com/