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  1. Sounds useful, ill have to remember to check it out when i have time.
  2. Heh, yeah Scott Card is great, in 2008 we get a Ender's Game movie, and i have high hopes for it, because he turned down Movie Studios for years because they wanted to change Ender into an adult, or something redicouly, and he thought Kid actors could pull off this type of roll, I think he said it was a Petter Pan movie that got him to see how great child actors can be, so 2008, something to look forward to =P
  3. Found this really cool site with alot of free computer books, a short list is below, enjoy. Computer Science Books: Introduction to Programming Algorithms and Data Structures Object Oriented Programming Many more. Related Fields Books: Mathematics Electric Circuits and more. Operating System Books: Unix GNU/Linux FreeBSD Programming/Scripting Books: Assembly C and C++ Common Lisp Java Microsoft .NET Perl PHP Python Rebol Scheme Tcl/Tk
  4. Hah, i found this awesome, I donno though...some might be fake, funny never the less =P.
  5. Seem to think there to cool for school latly eh? Firefox is a great browser 0_o.
  6. Yeah, Ender's Shadow is bean's perspective, But i just checked Amazon and Speaker for the Dead is Book 2, Xenocide is book 3, Children of the Mind book 4, Ender's Shadow is 5, and theres 6, 7 and 8 but to lazy to look em up.
  7. Lol, once again, found this on Stumble Upon, its just a collection of photos of horrible drivers that happen to be women.
  8. heh, sounds exciting =P good luck with all that.
  9. So your proud your a theif? Your proud you take programs (and other media) that people work long and hard on, that they put a price tag for their labor on, and use it with out paying for them for their time? How the hell can you justify this? Even better, how is it you feel you need to brag about it? Do you have a job/career? Would you brag so much if you labored hours on end, on say... building a vehicle. However, only 7 out of 10 people paid you for this vehicle. Would you still be bragging that you are a con artist? Good grief, I feel like I'm back out G4 with your kind of mentality ranning rampid. Anyway, this is all i have to say in this thread. HAHA, funny stuff, i started off joking and you get all tense and angry, go take your meds. But anyways yeah, the few things i DO pirate i need for one reason or another and can't aford while working while in school, so yes, I dont let silly things like money stand in my way of learning (Meaning iv been known to download books) so im proud of risking the law-man for education...yes. Granted WinRAR isn't educational, but its a key of-sorts to education (Damn compression)
  10. I wear my pirate badge proudly, and those who have a problem with it can walk the plank (If there smaller and weaker then me of course.)
  11. ohhh you havn't even been to the best part then yet? your in for a very nice surprise =P
  12. If i dont like a product enough to buy it, and i pirate it, they're not losing money on me anyhow =P
  13. *cough* bittorrent *cough* i did not say anything...bye now =P
  14. I think speaker for the dead is the next one =P, how did you like it? pretty damn good huh?
  15. Oh, i like that alot =P, the old one gives a 404 error but yeah, the new one looks good.
  16. Does this help?
  17. Just gotta go to the site, browse to where the file is saved, hit upload, and it'll give you links for the image, copy and paste the code it gives you for "Hotlink for forums".
  18. Is a good place to host images
  19. John Stewart On Net Neutrality Leo Laporte on Net Neutrality KFI 265 Senator Stevens On Net Neutraility Ask a Ninja On Net Neutrality Net Neutrality Wiki
  20. Firefox is my personal favorite browser, im a huge supporter of open source =P.