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  1. Naming is hard


    Hello ^^ ok im having problems with Quicktime when i try and play a file using QuickTime I get this error "The Application Or DLL C:\Windows\system32\quicktime.gts is not a valid windows image. Please Check this against your installtion diskette." When i uninstall and try to reinstall i get the same error, I need QuickTime for viewing video sent from my familys cell phones... Anyways i have no idea what to do... Any help? ^^ oh yeah, its QuickTime 6.5.2
  2. Naming is hard

    Why Linux

    Lol yeah the whole free thing is nice, ima get so lost i know it lol
  3. Naming is hard

    Whats The Best Antivirus?

    Iv had AVG for awhile ^^ like it and its free
  4. Naming is hard

    Do You Keep Your Ketchup In The Icebox?

    Yep yep icebox XD only my grandma calls it that
  5. Naming is hard

    Come On.....admit It!

    um let me think..... I watched kid cartoons untill like the age 14 0_o... Um...one down i met my GF on the net 0_o.......wasn't planed! shut up, she only lives a few hours from me anyways >_< 2 w00t i had a crush on the girl in the harry potter movies untill i was 16 0_o hope thats good enough lol
  6. 0-O i know somones knows house was hit by lightening and everything was fried XD 5TVs DVD players and other stuff by the computers were fine 0_o they were off i think but its odd that the Computers were fine after 5TVs were completly fried, Anyways when its storming i dont turn off anything untill my power goes off lol.....
  7. Naming is hard

    Pci Slot Motherboard

    i know how you feel, i got this computer befor i really knew anything about computers and i got stuck with a PCI slot ........sucks but ill deal, video cards for PCI do well enough for me ^^;
  8. Naming is hard

    News At Leoville

    Donno if i can cuss so i wont but F! YEAH! missed CFH here in the states ^^ hate bittorrenting them
  9. Naming is hard

    The Full Story

    hehe that was really long but i read it all! go me, anyways really glad these boards are here ^^
  10. Naming is hard

    Will You Listen?

    I'll listen to the next few and ill keep listening if i like ^^
  11. Naming is hard

    Some Notes For New Members

    That was a mean thing to say about my parents >_< But anyways ^^ thanks for the info
  12. Naming is hard

    Post Your Desktop?

    ^^ id put mine up but i cant find a host that will allow that big of file
  13. Naming is hard

    My Work

    ^^ Nice, i once made a stick figure!
  14. Naming is hard

    Welcome X-g4 Members!

    ^^ thanks for the welcome, i rather be called lost TechTV family though XD lol.... Lamness sorry
  15. Naming is hard

    Looking Free Video Hosting

    Would this work http://www.megaupload.com/ ?
  16. Naming is hard

    Tech Support At G4 Is Gone!

    XD iv made some stupid post in the past (along time ago 0-O) but iv learned befor ^^ long ago, i hope im not on of the a-holes your talking about XD
  17. Naming is hard


    ohhhh thanks ^^ i could use those to, i have problems resizing XD