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  1. Naming is hard

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Billy Joel - Only the good die young
  2. Naming is hard

    Black Viper's Web Site

    w00t, i saw this on digg last night, He doesn't say where hes been but, "Gone for 2years" and "World of Warcraft" in the same sentence makes you wonder lol
  3. This is really cool. http://www.katgal.com/2007/03/time-sensiti...her-change.html
  4. Naming is hard

    Sbc Dsl Do You Have It?

    http://www.demonoid.com/ doesn't seem to be working for me but it works for friends of mine. After looking at all possible ways the site could be blocked on my side of things i started to wonder if my ISP doesn't have something to do with it, so if you have SBC DSL and this site works for you let me know.
  5. Naming is hard

    Just Say "no" To Police Searches!

    Lol, Why do they try and make these entertaining? just give me the facts, and leave.
  6. Naming is hard

    Try This Puzzle

    I need an easy button, That was simple.
  7. Naming is hard


  8. Naming is hard

    James Kim

    We need to have a moment of silence here at Besttechie for James...Luckily Hes family is ok now but sadly he did not make it trying to save hes family. http://www.cnettv.com/9710-1_53-25121.html...y=true#mgallery
  9. Naming is hard

    "stopsign" Anti-virus

    I'd be careful, they used to have Ads on Tech T.V and they would have almost the exact same ad for two different Anti-Virus programs...The whole thing always seemed fishy to me so i stayed away.
  10. Naming is hard

    Winter Arrives!

    Once again, I'd take that snow off your hands if i could >_<.
  11. Naming is hard

    2nd Annual Bt Christmas Light Display!

    ...your gonna have to give me a week or so xD its alittle early for lights no? I have my tree up though, put it up last night ^^
  12. http://files.webhost.ru/stuff/edf_ad.html
  13. Naming is hard

    Some Music I Have Discovered

    Why must people condone music like this, Slamming on your instruments doesn't = good. In fact any nobly born drummer can slam on the double bass and snare drum like that. Real metal = BlackLabel, Zeppelin. Maiden ect. But...Whatever floats your boat =P.
  14. Naming is hard

    Happy Thanksgiving (us)

    Shouldn't those costumes be the other way around? 0-o
  15. Naming is hard

    Happy Thanksgiving (us)

    Happy Thanks Freakin Giving
  16. Naming is hard

    Teen Builds Nuclear Fusion Reactor In Basement

    I bet he also hasn't seen a girl's bra I think thats a given. But cool story.
  17. Naming is hard

    Your E-mail Usage

    Gmail Less then 100emails in this, its new. Other 2% of 2gbs
  18. Naming is hard

    Opera Web Browesr, Does Anyone Here Use It?

    Iv used it, but i can't leave my love, Firefox <3.
  19. Naming is hard

    Html Tutorial Links

    Cool tutorial for making Image Galleries, HTML and CSS...Mostly CSS http://youneed2see.com/web/99/Top_10_CSS_i...llery_tutorials
  20. Naming is hard

    Cumulate Draw

    Cumulate Draw
  21. Naming is hard

    Whats Your Favorite Thing About Besttechie?

    The free cookies and milk....Mmmmmm cookies
  22. Naming is hard

    Can I Run 2 Os's

    You could always use a live CD, like suggested above, Ubuntu has a very easy to use Live CD, and if you like it, the install will make partitioning your hard drive a snap.
  23. Naming is hard

    Lucky Number Slevin

    Its got a good cast, and i agree the story is pretty strong, I would recommend it. Brick, is also a very good movie that forces you to think a little bit.
  24. Naming is hard

    Mac Ad Spoof

    I was dying the first time i watched these. Just make sure theres no little kids around.