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  1. I recently moved into a new apartment complex which provides "high speed" (512k) ADSL internet. Pretty bad, but enough for most stuff. The one thing I'm having trouble with is bittorrent. Piratebay,, and other trackers like openoffice or linux distros might connect after several hours of waiting. Demonoid won't connect at all, ever. It seems to be an error connecting to trackers, as I almost always get a "connection refused by peer", "connection timeout" or "tracker offline" error in uTorrent. For a while I was trying different http proxies which might have helped piratebay connections, although that might be anecdotal as it didn't last long. I know it's connection side, as it's the same for my laptop and desktop and they both worked fine at the previous apartment. We've got a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router between us and the modem. I don't believe that's the issue as plugging directly into the modem doesn't help. I'm rather weak on networking so I'm not sure where to jump to from here. Any help much appreciated.
  2. Is there a windows compatible backend? I will be streaming from a windows PC (no way around it, several work related windows only programs). Dual boot isn't an option since I won't be the only one using the media center and I don't want it to shut down when I need to use the computer. I like what I'm seeing so far though. Thanks for the recommendation.
  3. Hello all I'm looking to convert my old laptop into a media center. It's a moderately powerful machine (Dell Latitude 610), although a bit dated. 1.86GHz Pentium M 1GB RAM ATI Mobile x300 Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Windows XP I've been looking at several free or FOSS media centers: Elisa GB-PVR MediaPortal Orb SageTV I was wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these and can recommend which is the best. I've tried a few of them and haven't been too impressed yet. I've got a ton of different types of files so compatibility has been a big issue. I'm also open to switching to a Linux version such as MythTV, although I've had issues with various drivers in the past on this machine. Never had much luck with the video card or wireless. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. A while back I was playing with some network drives and for a few reasons I moved my burner from d: to e:. After that, iTunes keeps giving me a "Disk burner or software not found". I tried moving the drive back to d: and that didn't work and have uninstalled/reinstalled iTunes. In advanced>burning it sees my burner correctly. I've done everything I can think of and can't figure it out. P.S. - If anyone knows of a media player on windows that has a weighted shuffle playback (a la party shuffle in iTunes) that would solve my problem. Only reason I still have iTunes.
  5. I've got a Linksys WRT54G V.6 router that I use to share our internet connection with me and my 4 roommates. The thing constantly crashes (anywhere from 4 hours to 2 days uptime generally) and I have to either reset or unplug and start it back up, do quite a bit of reconfiguring to get back onto my ISP. I've seen online that this is a fairly common problem but can't seem to find a good solution. I've seen quite a bit about using 3rd party firmware and was wondering if that was a true solution or anything else. Current setup: Internet: 512kb HPNA (sortof DSLish, comes through the phoneline to an adapter which is conneted to the router). Crappy I know, but it's whats provided with the apartment. Looking to upgrade Computers: 1 MacMini (Ethernet) 1 WindowsXP (Ethernet) 4 Laptops, I believe 3 XP and 1 Vista Newest Linksys Firmware on router; v1.02.2, Jun. 7, 2007 Not sure about traffic; mostly school documents, general browsing, probably some bittorrent or other P2P from other roommates I know next to nothing about networking so if you need anymore information that I haven't provided please ask.
  6. Ok, I seem to have this working although I haven't been able to thoroughly test it yet (it's been on determining gapless playback for 4 hours and is only half done, takes a while to stream and analyze 50 gigs of music over wireless). 1) built my iTunes library on my desktop 2) closed iTunes and moved the iTunes library files from C:Documents and settings/username/my documents/my music/itunes to D:Audio/iTunes 3) reopened iTunes (desktop version) while holding SHIFT which brings up a menu asking to "Choose iTunes library" and browsed to the moved library files 4) opened iTunes (laptop version) while holding SHIFT and browsed to the library files All of my music and playlists show up on both ends. Takes 5 minutes or better to open iTunes (laptop) after a change to the library file (add or delete playlists) but I can live with it. Not sure why Apple found it necessary to hide the "Choose iTunes Library" menu, really seems like that's something that should be in the advanced preferences tab.
  7. I just installed it to play around with. It seems to add a navigation/preferences/control toolbar. Try going to View>>Toolbars and make sure Wizz RSS Toolbar is checked.
  8. I have a laptop and a desktop that are both on a wireless network. I have all of my media (audio in this case) in a folder D:Audio on my desktop. My entire D: HD is shared on my network and mounted on my laptop as a D: drive so that all of my audio still shows up as D:Audio What I'm trying to do now is turn my laptop into basically a media hub to play everything through my home stereo. I want both copies of iTunes to share the same library file so that I can edit playlists and media on either computer and have that changes show up on the other. I've tried using the iTunes shared libraries but found it way too restrictive, i.e. can't create/edit playlists, add media I download on my laptop, etc. without going through a lot of extra steps. Has anyone had any luck with this or know where to start?
  9. Is there any software out there that will allow for the creation of virtual folders in XP? My problem is I've got lot's of files that could fall into several different collections and I don't want to have multiple copies all over my computer. For example, I've got 5 identical copies of one song, each from different reissues/comilations/greatest hits albums.
  10. Once you have the folder shared, you can (on the other PC) go to start->run and type \\PC.IP.HERE (where PC.IP.HERE is the IP of the PC sharing the files) You can map the dir to a drive like so... Btw, "Type the name of the folder to map" means something like \\PC.IP.HERE\mysharedstuff Phil Awesome, thank you so much. That's exactly what I was looking for and it works great. -Jordan
  11. XP Pro SP2 on both computers. Linksys WRT54G Router, Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 BG wireless adapter on the laptop, Zyxel M-302 802.11b/g Extreme MIMO PCI Adapter on the desktop.
  12. I currently have 2 computers which both connect to the internet through a wireless router. I'm trying to set up a network to share files back and forth between them. Ideally I'd like to have d:media on my desktop show up as a network drive on my laptop (z: or whatever) and have no idea where to start.
  13. You and your crazy logical solutions.... Voltage is floating at about 3.2, Amps around 4.2. I guess the question is when I find an adapter do I need to worry about the Amps? As I understand it Amps measure merely capacity and when I switch to an AC adapter wouldn't the capacity essentially be infinite?
  14. Not sure if this is the right place for this, if not I'm sorry. I picked up a traffic cone with a blinker on top last year (not sure when or how, i woke up with it on my futon next to me...) and would like to get it to work with an AC adapter instead of always changing batteries. It has 4 D batteries, 2 sets in parallel wired in series. The way I understand it (which isn't much at all) is I need an adapter with 3v output and amps don't matter? Thanks