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  1. My God!! He's got a whole football team. Look out Denver!!! LOL
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    All Right, Welcome Aboard
  3. Good idea il_wiccan, but I can hear them now. GOOGLE?? What The H*ll Is Google??
  4. I recall her saying she's wasn't going to go to G4. (Don't think she liked it) and had other things in life to attend to. Maybe if she hears of BestTechie, she might show up.
  5. LOL, Maybe I shouldn't have put it up here. Football season is coming up fast. And I can just see all them poor cats wearing there new helmets.
  6. Another option, one I use. I put in a second 10G HHD. And I have 10 folders in it. (you can make as many as you want). This is where I keep my backup of everything. (reg files, e-mail addys, favorites, etc.). Also, all my downloaded programs. (AdAware, Spybot, Etc.) And one folder for drivers. It leaves me more then enough space to do a ghost Image of my system to. If you ever have major problems, or just want to do a reformat and start fresh. You have everything right there. No searching through disk or online searches for those programs you liked. (but can't seem to find anymore). Cut my time of a compleat reinstall back to what I like in half. Just remember, If you do have major problems and have to start over to diconnect your second HHD. (just in case). And to replace saved programs. (AdAware, etc.) With the lasted and greatest.
  7. What happens when you: 1) have nothing to do 2) own a sharp knife 3) have a large lime 4) own a patient cat 5) drink too much tequila 6) and it's football season?
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    No, better yet Send them to supyall's home for a week.
  9. J is the first initial, first name, and SKY are the last 3 in my last name JSKY just sounded good.
  10. Bush will win. Kerrys usage of his war vids is pi$$ing off alot of vets out there.
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    G4 Techtv

    Thanks for the update, They need to start now. Just tried to get somewhere there, and keeps saying connection refused.