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  1. Try here to find your model. AUTO DETECT(VAIO PCs ONLY) Use the first option to auto detect your PC type
  2. Myself. I would say yes. I like the ease of PC Tools better then Comodo. Less overall setup. Comodo comes with "Defense + Security" Features. But I just fight it trying to get it the way I would like. So I always turn that feature off and just run the firewall. If they ever make PC Tools Firewall for Vista 64. I would switch in a minute. But that's my two-cents on the two. Others may say differently. You can always try each one out. (one at a time of course). Run one for a couple of weeks, then try the other. Then decide which one you prefer.
  3. I use Comodo's firewall, it's small yet powerful. I used to run Zone Alarm. But to me it's a bloated program, And will slow your system down by using up resources. I used to believe in ZA until I started beta testing Vista and ZA wasn't compatible. After trying quite a few other firewalls. I came to see just how bloated ZA was. Now I run Comodo with Vista, and PC Tools Firewall with my XP build. (Personally I like PC Tools Firewall better.... But it's not compatible with the 64bit version of Vista, which is the one I run). And I would say Avast for your AntiVirus. But there are a lot of free firewalls and antivirus programs out there that work just as good.
  4. Yes it has a couple of bugs. You have a hard time coping something. It's not sure what your doing. And some sites don't come in just right using it. Take a look at the "BestTechie" Logo at the top of the pages. The Logo offsets down from the rest of the logo field and onto the controls for the "calandar" and "members" Jeff may have to reset the Logo to fit right. Found a couple of different sites that do the same. But IE8 is it still an earlier Beta release. So keep that in mind.
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    Happy Birthday Bar5!

    Barb!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day today...
  6. Any of you want to try the Beta release of IE8 Beta 1. Here is a link for you to download and try it IE8 Beta 1 I'll be playing with it. But it is a Beta. So think before you decide.
  7. HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY Option....
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joe.... My, you are getting up there in age... You make me feel young
  9. Novi And Rmurphy. I wish you both a Happy Late Birthday. Sorry I missed your day in the sun. I hope you both hade a very good day.
  10. Great... Love all the links to the good old days... Well, Kinda. Still nice to see what became of some of the gang.
  11. Here is 100 old Nintendo 8bit games. The kind some of us "Old Fogies" started out with. They are java based and run in your browser window. nintendo games
  12. Allot of Company's did not switch to XP for a good two or three years. Companies don't want to spend the money on anything they don't have to. So you can't really use companies as a good example. I remember the day's before even Windows 3.1 and 3.11. (those were the days). The switch to Win 95 was welcome. But the same thing happened when Win 98 came out. And it will continue into the next 1000 years. If nobody complained. What would be the use of change.
  13. If anything. Just get another stick of 256m. 512Megs of ram is just fine for running XP with any added goodies you could want. And you might find someone with a stick just laying around they might want to get rid of for next to nothing.
  14. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY Darkest Dream! Another milestone in your life... The big two- one.... Now you just have retirement to look forward.
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Iccaros Hope you have a wonderful day!
  17. And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.... Nh_computer_geek
  18. Hello yardmaster. And Welcome to BestTechie. I moved your post over to the Melware Section. You can find it here. yardmaster's post This section is where you will find the help you need. Please be patient, as our team is usually busy. And will help you as soon as they can. Once again. Welcome to BTs
  19. I'll Move this post over to the right area.
  20. HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY SN3AK Have a good day and stay out of trouble..... now that your getting up there in age...
  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY StealthG Hope you have a great day today...
  22. I still use it all the time... I like it myself.
  23. By Gosh.... You really are older then the Average Jelly-Stone Bear...