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  2. Bad enough everyone uses cell phones while driving. But do I really want to talk to them while their sitting and ing. Hey.... Why are you talking to the toilet?
  3. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have one great day....
  4. Gone, but he will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace.
  5. I would suggest that you reinstall your Audio Drivers as a first step. And maybe reinstall the drivers for your Monitor.
  6. Mmmm. Still $3.89 a gallon for the cheap stuff. But I'm sure it will cross the $4.00 mark real soon. Filled up both outfits and now i'm going to make me one of them 6ft gas credit hoses....... er..... I mean cards....... And I see that the electric companies are feeling left out. CNN News said to expect a 150% increase in electric rates by Fall.
  7. Your using Vista. Look here Vistas-System-Recovery-Console and try #1 on the list, running your new hard drive. (remove your old one). And see if this helps. If not try these Fix Vista Master-Boot-Record and see if these help. One of these tips should strighten out the boot loader.
  8. I run AMD and have no problems. But I build my own from the ground up.
  9. From some of the things I have been reading. We might see Flash Drives replacing hard drives in the next few years. You can now easily boot different Linux distros off flash drives very easily now. And Ubuntu and Fedora9 work well from a flash drive. I have been using Ubuntu off a flash drive for a while now. It takes a little work for Ubuntu to work on a FD. But Fedora9 is easy to do.
  10. So.... Does that mean the open key I have for Professional, that I never used yet is going to be worth something. Let's start the bidding.
  11. Another thing would be to try the routers Setup Wizard again. There might be a change in how the old settings are compared to new upgrades and the old settings are not allowing you permission with the new upgrades.
  12. I would not be the one to answer which in using different keyboards in this situation. But have you tried going into the keyboard properties and adjusting the speed and response times?
  13. That is all typical of Vista. Yes there are allot of processes running in Vista, But no harm is done to performance. And having numerous svchost,exe processes running in the background is also normal. It seems everything depends on it now. As for your Hard Drive going crazy all the time. Vista is learning how you ...... Do things, How you operate. It learns your computing habits. It might takes months before it calms down. And on top of that. Vista is always moving the programs you use more to the faster part of the platter. So if you are into gaming now, And playing different games. Vista is going to try to keep things as fast as it can. If you get tired of playing games and start making..... movies. Then it will relearn your new habits and try getting things working as fast as it can for the programs involved. On top of all that. Vista is then in turn defragging itself to keep things neat and clean. Or more to the point kinda doing mini-defrags on it's library and on the prefetch area during slow computing times. If you only do a hand full of things on your PC it will slow down in a month or two. Give it more time if you do allot of things. Or if you all of a sudden start doing new things. It will start relearning and trying to figure out what your up too. Everything you asked about is normal with Vista. If you have a fair to good amount of RAM installed. Then you have nothing to worry about. Vista is running like it was designed to run.
  14. Happy Birthday LCplMurphy and Cherokeechief. Sorry I missed your big day.. Been busy around the yard and missing things out in cyberland.
  15. JSKY


    Congrats Matt. The best years of your life are just starting.... Enjoy Yourself to the fullest...
  16. Good find there TT AHHH The good old days...
  17. Pop-up ads on the Sunday Papers now... LOL What's your favorite time of the day.
  18. Nerelda... I hope you have one GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!!
  19. Once you upgrade to SP3 if you are running IE7. You will not be able to revert back to IE6. The only two ways to revert back to IE6. One is to be running IE6 when you upgrade, Or remove SP3, revert back to IE6, reinstall SP3, and then upgrade to IE7. If you have IE6 and upgrade to SP3, then upgrade to IE7. You still Have the option to down-grade back to IE6. But if you have IE7 and install SP3. It removes any option or settings to revert back to IE6.... And removing SP3 is the only cure....