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  1. Hi and welcome to BestTechie's denvernate I am going to move this topic to PC Support where it will get more responses from our members.
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    Microsoft released a new game for Vista Ultimate called Tinker. You move your robot around the field trying to get to the end of each level. Starts out kinda easy and makes you wonder at first. But it doesn't take long before your getting more frustrated trying to get to the end of the stage before you run out of time. And the route get more difficult with each stage played. One of the better Extras so far in my opinion. Added a couple of new DreamScenes to the list. Nice, but..... so so. Also. Added new sounds to Windows Common Tasks. (going along with the Tinker game motif). Last of all. Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions for Windows Vista x64 Edition (KB943729) (x86? not sure) Update type: Optional Multiple Group Policy Preferences have been added to the Windows Server 2008 Group Policy Management Console (which are also available through the Remote Server Administration Toolset (RSAT) for Windows Vista SP1). Group Policy Preferences enable information technology professionals to configure, deploy, and manage operating system and application settings they previously were not able to manage using Group Policy. After you install this update, your computer will be able to process the new Group Policy Preference extensions. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. This update is provided to you and licensed under the Windows Vista License Terms. More information: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943729
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    Webcams From The Lhc

    COOL!!! Two more months to party until the end WHERE'S THE BEER
  4. HAPPY B-DAY LIZ!!!!!!!!!
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    Will Be Away

    Good to see ya back
  6. Here are a couple of webcams showing the Large Hadron Collider. Kinda Cool LHC Webcams
  7. You could try to update your Graphic Card Drivers to the latest and greatest. If that doesn't help. Maybe a new card might be in order.
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    Linux Humor

    Oh Oh! Matt's in trouble! Exceeded his Bandwidth.
  9. I have been using FF for alot of years and the newest one runs good with no problems... (Except for a couple of add-ons yet to be available) But, I have to admit that since IE7 came out I now use it full time.... And now I run IE8. Have to admit I really like IE8s new features.
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    Maths Lesson

    Way to much truth in this.
  11. OK I seen what I wanted. Did you upgrade the chipset drivers to the latest for your motherboard before you did the MS upgrades? I'm really interested in the Realtek ALC 888 Audio chipset. Did you upgrade the drivers for your onboard sound controller from Realtek. I am beginning to think that the realtek drivers could be the big problem if they are not the latest and greatest. I still have no solid proof that this is what is causing Vista to crash . But it is leaning that way with what I have been finding out. Thanks
  12. Way to go TT! Very good choice indeed
  13. If your like many who recieved Vista on a new machine. Then you know the troubles of not getting an install or recovery disk from HP, Dell or your favorite vender. Here is a downloadable 120 Mb standard ISO format Recovery Disk, for both the x86 and x64 Bit versions of Vista. Windows-Vista-Recovery-Disc
  14. Make sure that there is no floppy disk in the drive when you power up your PC. When your computer is infected with a virus and your data is corrupted, is the hardware at risk? A computer virus is a term applied to any program that is designed to damage data stored on a computer system or network. The virus may infect documents, applications or worst of all, system files that are essential to the correct running of the computer system. A virus itself is programme software and has effect basically on software and not hardware. It could have effect on the systems or Application software to execute specific instructions on the hardware. People argue that the Virus can affect hardware, because some viruses when they infect the computer can shut down, restart, even open the CD ROM tray or manipulate other peripherals like the Keyboard! Of course they do, but technically they do not operate on them as you would want to think they do, they instruct the software or drivers on how to perform. Viruses can instruct software to overrun the processor or memory thus burning out the motherboard. Or even telling the system fan to turn off overheating the CPU/motherboard. Yes it kills the hardware, but it is still software telling software or drivers what to do. The only real hardware I know of that can be altered by a virus is the BIOS. But then, the BIOS is still a set of programme instructions telling the computer how to run. Change the instruction and you change the way it acts. With hardware. If you have no drivers or a program telling it how to work. It is a useless piece of equipment just taking up space. If your still worried tho. Set your BIOS not to seek or boot from the Floppy drive and then do a virus scan.
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    A_z Of Tv Shows

    Land of the Giants
  16. Hi Sean. I see you are getting plenty of help here. And some good help at that. I was just wondering what your computer specs are. I am finding out that some of these problems are releated to hardware driver issues. And was just interested in the make-up of your computer.
  17. Thank You Lost Art of Conversation
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HITEST!!! I hope you are enjoying your special day!!!
  19. Sounds like a great idea Jeff. Great Job on BTs 4 year anniversary!
  20. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jeff!!! Ya darn youngster