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  1. Thanks all.. Well. I hope I can make it because the wife wants to see that the drugs do to me first. And with her still smoking It might be a workout. Marty.. I live a mile above sea level.. So a big gulp of air is hard for anyone.... Maybe I'll swing down your way and stay with you until I get through this...
  2. Google is coming for you. My Brothers, Repent your Yahoo ways
  3. Cool... I'd love to smoke some snowmobilers with that rod..... And Sultan.... You sure you didn't mix you and your wifes modes of transportation up....
  4. JSKY


    Thank God for places like G4 where you can take it out on all the script kiddies.
  5. Did you install all the drivers? Motherboard, sound, graphic, so on and so forth.. Expecially the motherboard drivers.
  6. Shhhh.. Not so loud I can't help it... I'm being drawn to the Dark Side...... Thanks for the wishes...
  7. Thanks for the BD Wishes... You mean they get worse.... Get one or two a month now, and it's been around 8 months already Setting another goal starting today. Had my first session with SDQuits. It's a smoking program offered by the state. Just have to go through five counseling sessions in a years time over the phone. And they will pay for the three month supply of Chantix. I start on the 4th of Feb. And my quit day is valentine's day. So we'll see how that goes. And I'm ready. I'm tired of hacking all the time, never having enough wind to do things, I what to see what the world smell like again, and see what food really taste like.
  8. Hey!!! Thanks everyone .... Just think. Only 49 more to go and I can think about retirement.
  9. Note: If you have a Flash Drive that is ReadyBoost Compatible. And you get a message about your drive not meeting performance specs. Down at the bottom of the ReadyBoost window you will see a check box that is checked by default saying it will "test this device at startup". Uncheck this box and Vista will then recognize your drive and utilize it as a ReadyBoost drive.
  10. LOL... Now I will know how to "NOT" handle things at home when I can finally retire in another 100 or more years.....
  11. Office 2007 is really nice. Especially the way it integrates into the Vista look. But a Small warning. Office 2007 in not yet backwards compatible. They have a compatibilitie plug-in for Office 2000 on up, to be compatible with 2007. But not the other way around. Somethings just don't work. Certain file types don't match. (Make different file types using Office 2007 and then open them in an older Office product, you will get a messages to download the compatibility add-in) For instance. I have done all my different webpages the old fashion way using Office 2000 and Word 2000. I can use any Office suite up to 2007 and can make changes. And everything works great. But if I even open a webpage in Office 2007 the page becomes corrupt and never works the same. (that's why I have to use Windows XP for editing). The only way I have found to get around this, would be to completely make a whole new site (every page) and recreate everything using Office 2007. (I don't really want to go through all that) Just a small warning.... Other then that It's a great program.
  12. I agree 10,000 percent with Bubba Bob. The battery is what holds the BIOS information. You do need it to hold any changes to the BIOS. Other wise when you turn it off. It is off. It works like a battery in an electric alarm clock. The battery keeps the time when the power goes off, and the time will still be correct when the power is restored. If you have no battery, it will default to 12:00 and flash at you. Same with the BIOS. Basically that is all the battery in your PC does. It keeps the BIOS running at the correct time until the power is turned back on. other wise it just flashes the default setting at you. instead of 12:00. It's the boot order or any other settings you make changes to.
  13. Well... I'm glad we could help keep you safe in todays world... You have to keep your eyes open and be on the lookout at all times... Now if you will excuse me.... I have to send this on to 144,000 people in the next 70 minutes so my wish will come true. I'll start with the BTs members page. That will take care of a couple thousand e-mails....
  14. If they make it so you're asked if you want to install it or not I could live with that. But if it's a "forced to" install thing. That is where the difference will come from. I guess well just take a wait and see approach. But it does give one something to keep their eyes on.
  15. Well.... lavasoftsupport.com dslreports.com billpstudios I have known Corrine for a number of years. She runs her own tech related website, Is a M$ MVP, member of ASAP, Is highly qualified at HJT. And has spent allot of time in the past working and helping at Lavasoft. She Moderates and Admins at numerous tech sites. I'm kinda apt to listen to what's going on. And Michael Helander, Vice President of Marketing for Lavasoft doesn't really deny the fact. As per the first link.
  16. Sounds like another good program is going down the drain. If what I read is true, then it's time to remove. lavasoft-turning-to-dark-side
  17. That was really cool. Looked like Osceola was enjoying it. Now if he can just get his human to dive bomb field mice and rabbits....
  18. OK.... Let's try this. Go to your Start Menu > All Programs > And you should have an IE Icon listed in all programs. R-click on it and drag it down and hold it over "Back" (lower part of the start menu). It should convert back to the main window. When your normal Start Menu opens move it up to where you want to put it. (you should see a black line where it will fit). Then just remove the old Icon from the start menu properties. I just did that on mine and it worked.
  19. Mmmm. You should be able to drag and drop from the desktop to the start menu... I have, but I'll check the IE icon. Did you try unchecking IE in Customize, then restart and then recheck it to see if it clears. And can you r-click on the IE Icon and bring up it's properties now. Give me around an 2 hours and I'll be able to get home and get on Vista. Kinda hard to try things on XP.
  20. Try dragging and dropping the IE Icon from the desktop onto the Main "Start Menu". (The quick Launch is down on the taskbar next to your start menu). And place it under the old IE Icon. If it stays there. Then just go into the start menu properties and uncheck IE in the properties menu. Or see if you can drag and drop the bad icon out onto the desktop (you can L or R-Click to do this) and then see if you can r-click on it to open up properties. Sounds like either the "Target" Or the "Start In" command on the original IE Icon has been changed.
  21. Ahhhhh. How about deleting the IE icon in the Quick Launch toolbar, Dragging and dropping the IE Icon from the Desktop to the Quick Launch toolbar and making it either a copy of, or a shortcut.