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    Windows 7 Beta

    OUCH!!! Marty... I am so very sorry.... Please believe me when I say that is not at all what I meant. I know there are those who have problems with Vista... Hell. There are still those having problems with XP. For what ever reason, and not pointing the persons running it. But hardware, OS, whatever problem can be causing a bad experience. I should never have stated things the way I did. And I reworded my statement to try to get across what I meant. I was meaning those during the release who did nothing but bash Vista. Much the way they did XP when it first appeared. Again.... Please forgive my stupidity on how I worded my post. I did not even consider that it would affect anyone personally. So I apologize to you and anyone else who took offense to my post. JSKY
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    Windows 7 Beta

    I don't know how fast I'll change. Win 7 IS just a fancy Vista in depth. I haven't found anything wrong with Vista. I like the way it runs and handles. Funny.... But I'll bet if more people actually tried Vista, instead of listening to a few users in the beginning rant about how it ran for them. Before third party distributors could make workable drivers. Vista would have been more popular. And not at all what they heard. But who will learn for themselves. Follow the crowd and let a good thing pass you by. Good thing Vista wasn't Fire... We would still be living in a cold cave. Heaven forbid we try fire and see what it really is like... How it heats up our cold nights. But since those first users said it was no good, the rest turn their backs on it and freeze to death. And those who still run XP that make the switch to Win 7 will find they still have to upgrade their Hardware and memory to run it. And there will still be drivers for older hardware that will not work. If it doesn't work in Vista. It won't work in Win 7. So, I'm not to sure how fast I'll up to 7.
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    Windows 7 Beta

    Honda_Boy, Did you remember to download all your drivers for your hardware. Motherboard, graphics, sound and so forth.
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    Windows 7 Beta

    Same for me Honda_Boy... My Vista install walks all over XP. On every task. And DX10 for gaming is worth it Only time I log into XP is for MS's monthly updates. So far Win 7 is keeping right up with Vista in what I do. But still am finding thigs that do not work with this build. But then this is still an early beta build. But when they let everyone try it it never changes much to final release
  5. I have been running the service pack since it came out and before it was released when it was a beta package. I have not had any problems with it at all. As long as you follow the instructions I gave you should not have any problems with it. It is best for the Home User to wait until they see it available at windows update to get it. This way you will get a significantly smaller download and installer based on what patches you already have and which ones you still need. I suggest that if you choose to enable automatic updates, you set them to prompt only, not to install automatically. This advice was provided when SP1 came out and I am including it here since it is still valid for installing SP3 1. Clean out your temp files in the temp folder. 2. Clean out your temporary Internet files and cookies. 3. Defrag the hard drive. 4. Turn off your anti virus and firewall before downloading the service pack and installing it. 5. During the install you will be asked if you want to archive the files, do so. The archived file scan be deleted later if the service pack works. Having the archived files, will allow you to uninstall the service pack if you have any problems. 6. After the pc reboots, reboot a couple more times. This insures that when you start up every thing will start up with in a good time period. 7. After rebooting the extra times, turn your anti virus and firewall back on. These steps will help insure that your download and install do not get corrupted. That is what causes allot of the bad installs of the service pack. Here is what I have gathered so far as the best advice for a safe install. (Thanks to Pete_C) 1. Back up your data to be safe. You should have been doing this all along, but this gives a good excuse to catch up on it. 2. Do a disk cleanup, clean temp Internet files, empty recycle bin and defrag. Good standard maintenance and definitely worth doing now so that things are clean when you do your Service Pack 3 install. 3. If you have an XP CD, do a system file check. This way you have all damaged or missing dlls and system files replaced before you do the Service Pack 3 install so that it is working with a solid install. Put your XP install cd in your cdrom drive and go to start/ run and type sfc /scannow hit enter. It will start windows file protection and compare all files to the original install or update patches (The $NTuninstall files in windows). If it says failed, hit retry, it just means something is using it and you have to hit retry to pause the process. May take two or three clicks of retry. 4. Restart computer 5. Turn off your antivirus; make sure script blocking is disabled. Enable the windows firewall (right click on your connection in network places and choose protect with ICF) and disable your current firewall. If you have spybot run and choose advanced interface (under mode) and under tools go to resident and disable resident shield and tea timer. 6. Run the install if you downloaded it or windows update if you are doing it that way. It will take some time so be patient. Do not panic if things seem to stop. Get a sandwich or something. Just check back to see if you have to click something else. 7. When it finishes and asks to restart, choose no: I will restart later and then finish. Re enable your antivirus (but leave off script blocking) and firewall. 8. Restart PC. It will take a bit longer than normal on reboot, but not extremely long. It should finish with a prompt to enable automatic updates and verify your firewall and antivirus. If Norton antivirus, it may not properly interface so you may have to choose the do not monitor my antivirus it checks for updates itself. 9. Re enable spybot resident shield. It will warn of a new IE toolbar (which warns of sites trying to run active x or install things behind your back) and a lock of the blank.htm web page file to prevent its being replaced by coolwebsearch. Re enable script blocking in your antivirus. Now you have the latest Service Pack installed, and should be good to go.
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    Os Wars

    So far, from what I have been playing with. Windows 7 gets my vote.
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    Howdy Everyone!

    Good to see ya TK!!! Welcome Back!
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    Happy Birthday Marsh

    Happy Birthday Old Friend. I hope all goes well for you on your day.
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    Happy Holidays

    Merry Xmas to each and everyone. HO, HO, HO, You'll shoot your eye out kid.
  10. Sometimes you feel like reinstalling windows Xp, but you think of all the softwares and application installed on your computer. You will then be required to reinstall all of them. Now there is a way to reinstall windows Xp, where in you can keep all the installed application and all the personal settings. Its simple and easy, just follow these steps. Before moving ahead, make sure that CD-Rom in NOT your first boot device. 1. Login to Xp and Insert you Windows Xp disk in your drive. 2. Go to Command Prompt, and go to the drive(eg:- d:> assuming D is your CD drive.) 3. Then go to i386 folder(d:/i386>) and then type in the command prompt “WINNT32 /unattendâ€. 4. You will then see a setup starts running, which reinstalls the Windows on your computer, without harnessing your installed application and settings, and the too in unattended mode.
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    'finally Fast' Busted

    Oooooooo! To Good.
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    Surgery Today........

    I'm hoping everything works out for you Joe. We are all on your side and praying you are OK.
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    Happy Birthday Bozodog!

    Well then.. HAPPY BIRTHWEEK
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    Happy Birthday Screi!

    I Hope you have a great day today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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    Happy Birthday Jjmiller And Chappy

    Hey you two!!! Have A Great Day
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    Happy Birthday Therock247uk

    I hope you have a great Birthday today!!!
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    Happy Birthday Curling Steve

    Happy Birthday Steve!!!
  18. Moved to Windows Vista Tips, Tricks, & Tweaks Hope this helps some of you out
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    Hang in there Matt. There are allways people needing good help out there. Enjoy the holidays and then start looking. I know you'll find a good place to work.
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    Happy Birthday Tictoc5150

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have fun on your special day!
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    Have A Good Holiday

    Happy Holidays Everyone!
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    Word Association Thread Part Vi

    small village
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    Happy Birthday Bearskin!

    Happy Birthday Bearskin!!! Hope your having a Great Day
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    Halloween Card

    Might be a good thing JDoors. I have had the song they sing stuck in my head for a couple of days now.
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    Halloween Card

    The wife ran across this card looking for All Hollow's Cards. Thought it was too good... Turn on your speakers Halloween Card