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  1. Is the glass border in Windows Vista too fat your you? How would you like to put your Windows on a diet? Loose up to 80% of your window weight immediately; How to Adjust Vista Glass Window Border: 1. Right click on your desktop and select Personalize. 2. Click on Windows Color and Appearance. 3. Click on Open Classic Appearance Properties 4. Click Advanced. 5. Select Border Padding in the Items drop down box. 6. Increase or decrease border size. 7. Hit OK, OK and OK. Now you can have more desktop space to enjoy your favorite picture
  2. JSKY

    Where are you ?

    Like the rest. I stop in every now and then. So many ways to find answers nowadays it slowed down many message boards. But I just love to stop in for that feel of the old day when we were so busy one couldn't.t keep up. to remember the days of Techtv, and of all the people we come to know and lost.
  3. JSKY

    Merry Christmas:)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my old friends here. I hope all is well and the New Year brings each and everyone great fortune.
  4. JSKY


    You will be missed. Rest in Peace Marty
  5. JSKY

    XP will not load

    This really sounds like a damaged drive perhaps some bad sectors. Hard discs fail in some strange ways. If you can get a copy of Spinrite 6 http://www.grc.com/spinrite.htm try running it trough it's paces (may not be worth the price so if you can find a friend to let you borrow a copy it would be better). I maybe entirely off base with this but it would be something I would check. It is Hard to say... If it was a fresh install. But when you have the Master Boot Record., Drivers, tweaks and different settings for a different motherboard. And your moving the whole already installed OS to a new motherboard. Then it could be a number of little things taking it down. I just moved everything I have from a older AMD x2 setup to a new X6 processor and motherboard. I had my old system set to boot off of both cores in msconfig on my old motherboard. After moving the OS to the new setup. It would get to the windows screen and then go right into a error message. I had to go back to the old mothrboard and finally set it back to boot with the default settings. (took a couple of tries to find what i missed in defaulting all my settings). That turned out to be the problem. Everything came right up on the new board as if nothing was wrong after that.
  6. The key codes for 32bit are usually different from a 64bit code. Windows 7 usually installs the type automaticlly based on the which key is used. If you do have a multi-bit key (which they have). It will lock in under the one you activated with.
  7. JSKY

    XP will not load

    Just a hunch. I build my own computers and just got done with my newest. I find that a booting problem from a older to a newer build sometimes comes from tweaking the operating system to run smoother or faster or what not on the old motherboard. Setting a multi-core processor to boot with multiple cores on the old motherboard as an example. Might not be a good idea on a new model and cause the same type of problem your having. I have learned to untweak and default whatever settings I can before moving an operating system from a older motherboard to a newer one. Hope this might give you a few ideas.
  8. JSKY

    flatbed scanner

    Hi Marty If you have Win 7 Professional or higher you can install and run XP Mode. (it's a MS download) It Virtualizes XP and allows you to run anything that worked with XP. Just start XP Mode and instal lthe drivers under XP and scan what you need. Thats how I use my old flatbed scanner
  9. JSKY

    Word Association Thread Part Vi

    mad scientist
  10. JSKY

    Happy Birthday TymeKyller

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TK!!!! I hope you have a great day on this special day of yours. Have fun and take care
  11. JSKY

    Online games to enjoy

    Thanks for the links, I'll give them a try
  12. Have any of you heard of, or tried True Sword 4 by Security Stronghold? It is a anti-spyware scanner. It is supposed to be able to find and remove more than 180 000 types of spyware, adware, trojans and other kinds of malware. I was just wondering. I am now trying it out, as they sent me an e-mail. And a complete version to try. They would like me to add it to my site. You can see it here at True Sword 4 Website I would hate to add something that may or may not be a good product. So I am looking for some feed-back on this product. I thank you for anything you have to say on this.
  13. JSKY

    Happy New Year

    Hoping everyone here at BTs has a great New Year. And that everything works out fine the whole year through
  14. JSKY

    Happy Birthday to marsh_0x

    A BIG Happy Birthday to you Marsh
  15. JSKY

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays to each and everyone here at BTs. I hope you all have a Great Holiday.
  16. JSKY

    This will be the best Christmas of all time

    Great news Chuck. Good to hear all is well. Happy Holidays
  17. JSKY

    Happy Birthday Bozodog!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend I hope you have a great day!!!
  18. JSKY

    To all My old and new friends!

    Hi TK A lot of us have many other things going on in life now. The world is changing in many ways. But it is good to have a place we can come to and say hi to our old friends, even if it is only once in a while. Merry Christmas and hoping you have a wonderful New Year.
  19. JSKY


    I'm sure she will be fine my friend. Just hang in there and try not to worry yourself sick. She will need strong parents to help her get through this. I'll say a prayer for all of you.
  20. I don't know how many have discovered that defragmenting Vista can be a long chore. But I have been using a third party disk defragmenter that works very well and takes little time to run. auslogics - disk-defrag It's free and works great. Just disable Vista's defrag. and your set to go.
  21. JSKY

    Happy Birthday To Blim

    I'm sorry I missed your big day Liz. But I hope you had a great time...
  22. JSKY

    In Remembrance: Il_wiccan

    Rest in Peace Gary. You will be missed by your friends.
  23. JSKY

    Happy Birthdat Hitest

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD FRIEND!!! I hope you have a great day to enjoy!
  24. JSKY

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!! So.... Your getting up there in age now. Don't worry, You'll allways be a youngster to most of us old farts here... LOL
  25. JSKY

    Happy Birthday To Tymekyller.

    Happy Birthday Tyme! I hope you have a great time on your special day.....