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  1. suwannee24

    Happy Birthday Jsky!

    Happy B-day JSKY! SUWANNEE24
  2. suwannee24

    Happy Birthday Bozodog

    Happy b-day Boz. suweannee24
  3. suwannee24

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy b-day. suwannee24
  4. suwannee24

    Happy Birthday

    Happy b-day Tictoc 5051. suwannee24
  5. suwannee24

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy thanksgiving to all. suwannee24
  6. suwannee24

    I'm Gonna Be A Daddy

    Congrats!! suwannee24
  7. suwannee24

    Happy Birthday Coyote`

    Hope you have great b-day coyote. suwannee24
  8. suwannee24

    Sethook's Birthday Today..

    Happy b-day Sethook. suwannee24
  9. suwannee24

    Happy Birthday, Shadow_thomas

    Happy b-day S.T. SUWANNEE24
  10. suwannee24


    Me to I would like have 10lb. one right now to eat there nothing wrong with eating fruit cake suwannee24
  11. suwannee24

    Happy Birthday Gwyrox732

    Happy b-day Gwyrox732 suwannee24
  12. suwannee24

    Happy Birthday To Suwannee24

    Thanks to everyone. suwannee24
  13. suwannee24

    Trend Micro

    Yes, thanks Marty. suwannee24
  14. suwannee24

    Welcome New Member!

    Welcome Smogersnots glade to have you on this board. suwannee24
  15. suwannee24

    The Squarrels Are Back

    *Brings out the BIG GUNS* I'm ready! Yes,those things are good eating you can fry them or boil them with some rice. you can make a real good supper out of them. suwannee24
  16. Does anyone have satellite internet sevice? If so hows does it compare to cable and what is the cost compared to cable. suwannee24
  17. suwannee24

    What The Hell Is Going On

    Thanks B now I don't have to view avatars or sigs. suwannee24
  18. suwannee24

    What The Hell Is Going On

    Yes my ip address showed up to. suwannee24
  19. suwannee24


    Happy b-day Snaxe. suwannee24
  20. suwannee24

    Off Topic

    I just heard on the news on tv that George and pumpkin head Bush was the cause for the storms hitting Florida. ha ha suwannee24
  21. suwannee24

    Off Topic

    Marty I don't think global warming has nothing to do with the stroms. I think global warming would only melt the ice caps at the poles. but that just me. suwannee24
  22. suwannee24

    Happy Birthday, Galadriel

    Happy b-day Galadreiel and many more. suwannee24
  23. suwannee24

    Bad Mood Day

    Robroy you have got it made just kept do it one day at a time. suwannee24
  24. suwannee24

    What Simpsons Character Are You?

    Congratulations.....you are comic book guy. suwannee24