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  1. Thing is, 1 dog is mine. I take her out for a walk at least twice a week, other than that, shes on the chain outside for a bit. She seems to enjoy it seeing as she runs every time I call her to go outside. I've managed for her to stop being so destructive around the house, so shes a pretty good dog. The other ones belong to my gf and she doesn't train em worth a shit. they get into garbage bags and trash cans. I don't deal with them. I either put em in the garage or outside. My dog is pretty chill and laid back. she'll actually watch me play drums, unlike the others who just run away. Pete- you've helped me out on the other board with my acer laptop. I didn't wanna clog up the board with so many questions and new threads. The laptop is the one with the built in webcam. I'll try the aluminum foil trick for the spy camera and see if that work
  2. Well, my first question and problem would be how to get a better signal boost from a wireless camera. I bought this wireless "spy" camera a couple of days ago because I have 4 dogs in the house who like to get into things like trash and just chew up stuff. Im sure most of you have already been through this before. The majority of the time I'm busy playing drums in another room or am working on music and I am nowhere near them. Like I said, I bought this camera here at amazon, a couple of days ago. I hooked it up and everything. It seems when im a little far off, the picture starts to flicker and make static sounds. I know there might be interference from walls and other electronics but I figure if the camera gave off a better signal boost, the picture will be a little more stable and clearer. My question is pretty much; how can I give off a better signal boost to the receiver? My other question is how can I set my built in webcam remotely? I usually try to have more than one way to check in on the dogs but using a webcam through some kind of messenger, just doesn't cut it due to the buffer factor. I've read you are able to see things in real time but I have not tried this yet. Any help is appreciated.