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  1. I'm looking for some decently priced software to set up a VPN on a hotel network. We have 2 hotels that we want to be able to access the server, as well as the owner to be able to access said server from home. Cost isn't really that much of a factor, but less is better, if you know what I mean. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  2. I'm going to go with short on the board. Is it loose at all? Possibly could be just dieing on you.
  3. I've got personal issues with Viewsonic. Namely a pocket PC I ordered from them. The pixels started dieing about an hour after I had it charged and started toying with it. Throughout the life of its warranty, I couldn't get anyone from their CS department to actually give me any help. When the warranty was up, they basically told me pay to fix it or too bad. Will never buy anything from that particular brand again. Go with the Samsung.
  4. Same here. I was using Nero 7, minimum install. Ran into the occasional bug, but I never updated it. When I did a repartition to dual boot Linux/XP MCE I upgraded back to Nero 6. Absofreakinlutely happier now.
  5. I've actually heard of RadTools, which is a free app that should allow you to convert that .mov file to a .avi file so you can use Windows Movie Maker to edit it. You will need a plugin that will allow it to work with .mov files, and if you need more detailed info, I'll help ya out with that as soon as I get my laptop converted to a Linux box.
  6. Just out of curiosity, are you running Vista? In the beta, we had a lot of people ripping their hair out over issues trying to get Nero 7 to work with it. I was never happier to have just picked up a new laptop so I wouldn't have to worry about such issues at the time.
  7. alright, just plugged the laptop into the switch and got a different result... I'm starting to think it's a good thing we're about to upgrade the wireless for administrative use.
  8. AT&T DSL Bear in mind that this connection is shared in a 54-room hotel with the front desk as well as any guests that may be bogging down the network, though the transfer rates don't surprise me. I have had nothing but bad experience with AT&T/SBC in this area.
  9. You can get the IRFanView plugin pack from the following link: Plugins Hope that does the trick for ya.
  10. To delete the user accounts you do not want, it's fairly easy. Click on start, control panel Click show classic in the left bar Double Click User Accounts Click the account you wish to delete Click Delete the account You will be asked if you want to keep or delete the files associated with the user If you're not sure whether or not the owner wants you to keep the files, I would go ahead and keep them. The files will be stored on the desktop in a folder bearing the deleted account's name.
  11. All you'll need is a standard VGA cable. I picked one up at my local mom and pop computer shop for $8 so I could hook up my laptop to the university's projector and "cheat" a little on my presentations. The TV already has the VGA input on the back.
  12. We had an issue with this on the work computer. Apparently someone decided that they needed a dial up account on the computer to access my network. I swear I work with people that are dumber than dirt trying to do stupid stuff on these computers and get away with it... Anyhow, try this... Click start, Control Panel Switch to Classic View Double Click Network Connections Do you see anything there that isn't of the LAN of High-Speed Internet Category? If so, delete it. This may be the fix, maybe not.
  13. Would you be willing to part with that drive for dirt cheap? It would make a nice addition to my collection of hosed hdds
  14. The file it is reporting missing is attributed to spyware. It was likely embedded in that user account and removed without effecting the other users. I've dealt with this before min my mom/stepfather's computer. It looks as though the spyware was removed from the system, but it is still in the registry. If that user account doesn't necessarily need to be kept, the simplest solution would be to delete that user account, and then run spyware/antivirus software on whichever user account you do decide to keep.
  15. It actually requires a chipset, BIOS, voltage regulator, OS, and technology driver that supports speedstep. I am purely stating advice here based on assumptions, and I'm assuming that his board would support it. If it does not, then the processor that I suggested would still be faster than the 1.5GHz processor he has in the rig at present. The assumption that your board would support it is purely based on the possibility that Toshiba is using the same board for their Celerons that they do for their Pentiums. I can't back that up, and it's just a guess as to whether or not it will work, but either way, the processor that I suggested would be the fastest one that your board would be able to handle, based on FSB.