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  1. are you sure teh optical connection on the tv is an out or an in? it sounds like the optical on the tv is an input, and not an output. that is why it is possibly not working. if you have like a dvd player with an optical out on it try it and see if it works on the pc. but i am betting that either the connection on the tv is an input only. did you look at the settings for the audio card? Let me check the input / output thing. I was told this by the Samsung tech. Secondly I believe I have all SC parameters correct. Audio plays flawlessly and checked out with Creative Diagnostics. No I just checked the manual and it is digital audio out for "amplification".
  2. I have a sound blaster SC with the Creative Audigy 2 zs I/O front panel interface. I have a Samsung LCD monitor / tv. I have good sound coming from my Creative 5.1 while in pc mode, but only tv speakers when on tv. Was told to install optical cable. Have done joy. Same as before. Cable from optical out on set to optical in on interface was all I did. Is there a program or controls I need to get sound from tv to play through Sound blaster card and to speakers?
  3. yes, admin also deleted account and allowed me to re-register under different name and password.....still no joy
  4. Database Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query File: /home/content/f/r/a/francesonline/html/forum/Sources/Security.php Line: 279 The above is a msg that I keep getting at one of my websites / forums of which I am a member. Constantly getting msg. Extremely slow loading of forum / pages/ threads (when I do finally get in). My pc is clean and fast. This is the only site giving me problems. Admin says there is nothing wrong on the server end. (even though others have encountered problems too). I am positive that it is not my pc or internet (have done speed tests...avg or above depending on test used). What can it be and what does this mean? Thanks
  5. no, just the keyboard on the laptop..
  6. I have a laptop (athalon 1.6, 512 ddr, xp home). After boot up I noticed that the highlighted bar for selection keeps scrollking from top to bottom, and that pages or windows always scroll to bottom. What could this be????
  7. Have you no shame!!! LOL
  8. If you only knew how accurate/true that really is....
  9. DITTO my feline friend....
  10. Man I love liver and onions. Don't cook it here because I'm the only one who would eat it. Been a long time though. German potatoe salad Kraut with spareribs Hot fresh baked bread slathered in BUTTER.... So much for my
  11. Me too! Not like him to just vanish. Hope all is well.
  12. Just got my son a psp for xmas and he's having trouble putting video on it. Tried to use video9 for conversion and still am stuck. Apparently according to google search and psp forum we're not alone.... Anyone have the proper solution?????
  13. Way cool, the guy running around doing all the switching and plug'n and unplug'n must be
  14. Thank God all is well, and she is fine. That is ultimately the most important thing. Thats why we need to take friends with us when we're out in public anymore. My friends just happen to be Dan Wesson, Berretta (not Robert Blake either), Colt, and a few lesser known. I have had the law called on me twice for "packing", and both times nothing happened due to the laws. It was in plain sight (NOT conceiled), in a holster and not being brandished. Note to Mod(s): I am not advocating violence. I do however propigate self-defense and defense of our children. I do believe in assisting our overworked and under paid law enforcement whose hands have been tied.
  15. Well it's good to be back.... Thanks Jeff
  16. lol wonder if they understood what he meant, better yet did they get upset
  17. We survived Katrina Praise God, that was a real nasty storm.
  18. Sad thing is these people are bosses, future/present day politicians, and probably world leaders. HMMMM maybe we should just stay at home where its' safe?!
  19. lamuskrat

    My New Website

    What the hell took you so long?(lol). Glad to hear about this. Now maybe you'll have something constructive to do besides fill up the joke Dave, you know I'm just pick'n at ya
  20. WRONG! I used to install HVAC and whoever is telling you that has no concept of electrical. I am assuming that the "disconnect" (trade name for service box you are attempting to mount) is for a 120v sytem. You should have a blk, a wht and a grn wire. Blk and Wht go to the fuses and grn goes on the ground lug. If the system is 208v/220v you will not have a nuetral. Should be 2 blk wires and a green. Pull box should have 2 fuses (amp protection based on size of condenser unit tonage). A schmeatic should have come with it.....if all else fails follow the included destructions (lol...instructions) Note: Nuetral and ground are NOT the same. One is a return path of electricity back to the panel (in simplistic explaination) and the ground is a protection carrying electricity away to ground or earth ground. If you look at your wall outlets the ground is bare but does not land the same place as the nuetral. You can always look the manufacturer up on the net and see if they have a wiring diagram or call them.
  21.'s a keeper. Note: Surfing: something done at the beach.
  22. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! Thats a good one................
  23. Don't give our new Gov. any new ideas, she'll probably go for it.LOl
  24. Good one TG. And for the life of me, I can't figure out why we have acceleration ramps to get on the interstate, that have stop signs at the end, and why we patch concrete with asphault....ONLY IN La. (Transplanted here 16 years ago......Bad Yankee, Bad)