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  1. I still lurk around...when I get time. Thanks all for the birthday wishes. This was the big 3-0.
  2. two-cent (that's one of those fancy words)
  3. Cabo - where I'd like to be right now.
  4. I found this from a few years ago, but it should still work: Click tools/message rules/mail. You need to create two rules. The first one is: "apply this rule after the message arrives" - where the from field contains people - "stop processing more rules". Then click the "from people" field, and you will see a button for the address book where you can select them all. The second one is for all incoming mail, delete it and mark it as read. They must be created or moved into this order. This way, if the mail is from a legitimate sender, it will land in your inbox and the second rule will not be applied. All others will be redirected to the deleted folder per the second rule. Hope that works. Here's my source - Source
  5. 1) This is the part of the code that displays the image: // Display image echo <<<EOC <center><img src="$photoOfTheDay[$x]"></center> EOC; This is really the only necessary part: <img src="$photoOfTheDay[$x]"> 2) Change the number listed here: $totalPics="31"; Then just add a new entry to the bottom of the array with the next number in the sequence. '31' => 'files/photo31.jpg' , '32' => 'files/photo32.jpg' ,
  6. InterNIC would be your best bet at a legitimate domain name history. http://www.internic.net/
  7. hide-the-ball (I don't this is what Socrates had in mind)
  8. Chair Had a spanish teacher that always said see ya at the end of class. Cilla is spanish for chair and is pronounced like See ya. Get it?
  9. jsbowen

    "elf Yourself"

    Love this. Here's mine: http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1179091515
  10. Sounds like you're dealing with roaming profiles. Here's a pretty thorough explanation of the process: http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_...erver-2003.html Once you get the profile setup, adding the computer is pretty easy (unless they've done something strange). When you connect to the domain, it will add the computer profile automatically.
  11. tailgate (Blade is the best griller at the Marshall tailgates)
  12. Pretty Woman - Pirates of Penzance was part of a memorable scene in that movie.