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  1. If I saw this guy getting beat up my baseball bat would settle the score I HATE BULLIES. if your a real hard ass like those guys thought they were but havent meet me. come to orlando fl and post me a message when your at the fl mall and i'll introduce you to me and my bat. Edited by hitest This is just his first post, can't wait for the second!!!!
  2. All the text files I use in Photoshop7 are located in the fonts folder. Control Panel/Fonts.
  3. Here's to all the DADS!!!
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    Seat Belts

    From a personal experience, here's my 2 cents worth. I advise using seat belts and having air bags in your vehicle. On May 5th, the wife totaled our 2005 Mercury Marquis, it was in excellent condition. It had only 13,200 + or - miles on it. Thank God, she survived OK with only a few bruises and abrasions. The biggest scare she got was when the air bag employed, she thought the car was on fire. Almost forgot to say how it happen!!! Well she was gong down the main thoroughfare in Denham Springs, to get onto I-12. On this portion of the road they are 3 lanes, the 3rd one on the right is for getting on the Interstate. In the extreme right lane was a white pickup and he motioned to a black pickup to come out from a service station. The black P/U pulled right in front of the wife and she rammed into it and none of the 3 occupant were hurt. The white P/U disappeared and the black P/U was ticked. We are still fighting with the insurance companies, his and ours, to get a settlement. After the first couple of days of getting no where, we hired a lawyer and things picked up. Wife is convinced if she wasn't in a big car she would have been killed. She wants another Mercury!!!
  5. A little relief from the price of gas, $2.84 at Racetrack Station.
  6. Joe, Just one more comment. The Triple Crown and other Stake Races are not Handicapped Races. In Stake Races horses are assigned to carry 126 lbs. In Handicapped Races, the weights are THEORETICALLY assigned, so all horses cross the finish line at the same time. I have never seen that happen, but that's the theory track handicappers use.
  7. Yea, she won. If a female wants to play with the boys, she should carry the same weight. Every one carried 126 and the filly had 121. Five lbs is a big advantage.
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    Here's the ultimate for roast pig COUCHON DE LAIT.