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  1. We don't eat raw crawfish. I'm gald the caveman discovered fire, so food can be cooked!!!
  2. Never have and never will.
  3. Liz, Don't hurt yourself. Some one lied.
  4. Ford and Grissom (Mandolin Winds Project)
  5. Love this time of year. The Hummers, Eastern Blue Birds (one of God's prettiest creations) and and the beautiful Azaleas.
  6. Just the thought of green ketchup, yuk!!!
  7. No Microsoft Updates this Tuesday. Read here ZDNET
  8. Thanks Matt. At least we figured how to get rid of it!!
  9. That did it for me. How about you? Stupid glitch with the forum.
  10. Since I got your PM it went to -2. Let's do that. I will send one to you and please the other 2 to me.