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    Where Is It?

    Mark, Pat and Liz Here's my solution for notes. I use a legal pad, 70 sheets, 81/2 x 113/4 and record any and all actions done to the computer. ie., updates, programs, site addresses etc. Might take a little time to find a past action taken, but it's there in front of you. Guess it can be called a DAILY DIARY. Works for me.!!!
  2. TT, Spring has come and gone down here. The azaleas bloomed and fallen from their bushes. All the trees have leaves, the grass is green, growing and was mowed 4 times already.
  3. Hi TK, Good to see that you are alive and kicking!!!
  4. For sure. Saw it this morning on COU. When it said to "flush down the toilet", I knew it was BS. I do have to admit, it was well done!!!
  5. Brian, If I were near your location, I would build whatever you needed. See if you could find a local woodworker do this for your. He would probably do it for free. Good Luck!!!! You are to be admired for your tenacity.
  6. Now I know. Thank you, Liz.