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    Forum Tweak

    Mike, You don't need to hit control. Highlight and then click on b or i etc in the toolbar. Same for colors, sizes and fonts.
  2. GROSS!!! A sickie with too much time on his hands.
  3. I'm now getting the RSS feed. The site had to have a problem.
  4. I like it. Quite a departure from your normal work.
  5. handplane


    Michael, That would have blown me away. Could it be gotten from your web site?
  6. I think he is talking about Preview Pane. If he has Service Pack2, then should it be off, by default.
  7. You are lucky. Someone in your local government had the foresight to help the community, rather then put the screw to it.
  8. Nothing fancy on this end. It was simple but delicious: baked ham potato salad baked beans
  9. handplane

    Barbeque Time

    Pete, Sounds delicious.