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  1. Here's some info ( not much ) from Mcafee. exploit-jpg.crash
  2. Hey TK, Been searching and found this, try Here Hopes it helps.
  3. Have a good one. You ( 60 ) are catching up to me.
  4. Just read his response to a post on G4.
  5. Since sultan stole my birthday cake, I had to find something else. Spiders for the SPIDERMAN. Happy Birthday.
  6. thesidekickcat, Thanks for the tip. Just made a couple of those folders.
  7. PINK CURTAINS A blonde woman goes into a department store and tells the salesman she wants a pair of pink curtains. He assures her they have a good selection of pink curtains. He shows her many kinds an different fabrics of curtains she finally picks out a pink floral pattern. The salesman asks, "What size do you need?" She says, "15 inches." He exclaims, "15 INCHES! What room are they for?" She says, "It's not for a room, it's for my computer monitor." The surprised salesman exclaims, "Miss, computers do not need curtains." The blonde says, "HELLooooooo . . . . . . . . I've got Windows.!!"
  8. yes, with no luck... Matt, I see where you have the image on photobucket. To prevent photobucket from downloading the same distorted one, you have to rename the new image #2. See if that works for you!!
  9. Thanks Earnoldo, I did the tweaks too. I'm less than a newbie when it comes to firefox.
  10. handplane


    Subject: How far has the government gone to trample privacy THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! Check your drivers licence OK., this is just too much! I definitely removed mine, I suggest you all do the same. Now you can see anyone's Driver's License on the Internet, including your own! I just searched for mine and there it was....picture and all! Thanks Homeland Security! What do you think? Go to the website and check it out. It's unbelievable!!! Just enter name, City and state to see if yours is on file. After your license comes on the screen, click the box marked "Please Remove". This will remove it from public viewing, but not from law enforcement. To check, click on the following link. www.license.shorturl.com
  11. First of all, firefox is not my default browser. I visit another forum and I'm not able to make a live link there. Is there a way around this, an extension or plugin? Can it be possible that forum does not recognize ff? Tried viewing this page in ie and got an error. Any solution or something I have to put up with.
  12. handplane

    Bad Mood Day

    Your last report was on 9/10/04. How about an update? Hope it is a positive one!!!
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    Have a good one Snaxe.
  14. Don't know for sure if it will work. Why not try a piece of wax paper or saran wrap? Either should repel your sweaty palms.
  15. I didn't know but with a google search, here's what I found. Let's learn together. html vs xhtml
  16. HTML test lab Site to test your coding. lissaexplains Really easy to learn HTML.
  17. For a couple of years I've been blaming it on lack of sleep, not enough sunshine, too much pressure from my job, earwax buildup, poor blood or anything else I could think of. But now I have found the real reason: I'm overworked. Here's why... The population of this country is 273 million. 140 million are retired. That leaves 133 million to do the work. There are 85 million in school, which leaves 48 million to do the work. Of this there are 29 million employed by the government, leaving 19 million to do the work. 2.8 million are in the armed forces busy liberating the opressed and keeping us safe. Which leaves 16.2 million to do the work. Take from the total the 14,800,000 people who work for the state and city governments and that leaves 1.4 million to do the work. At any given time there are 188,000 people in hospitals, leaving 1,212,000 to do the work. Now, there are 1,211,998 people in prisons. That leaves just two people to do the work. You and me. And there you are sitting at your computer reading jokes. Nice..... real nice..... !!
  18. Hi Danny, Good of you to do this.
  19. With Snaxe tip you don't have do all that. Use right click, select copy image location. Go to reply page, click img tool, then paste ( ctrl V ) and there's the image. Remember this is for images on the web and not for photos, in my pictures.
  20. Thanks snaxe. That did it. Sample below.
  21. I should of said to C/P an image. In ie can go to an image on the web, right click it, hit copy, go to a reply page of a forum, right click the page and hit paste and have the image posted. In firefox, can right click, copy but don't have paste to post image. Am I missing something?