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  1. JSKY, Here's to you. You just a kid at 47!!
  2. Thanks JSKY, Did as you suggested. A page opened with the deleted files. Then right clicked the bin and emptied it. Went back and tried setting the Recycle Bin Tab and to "All Protected Files" and under the Norton Protection Tab to " Enable Protection". No more error messages and all is well again. Ain't life grand, for the moment?? Thanks again to all.
  3. thesidekickcat, Hope I answered your questions!! 1- xp pro with sp2. 2- No, I don't run 2 anti viruses. 3- Have Norton's 2003 Systemworks installed. 4- Checked the site you posted and didn't find any help, also tried the help section to no avail. 5- Computer was built by my nephew. 6- Recycle bin has been working fine since March 2003, first problem occurred yesterday. 7- Been surfing most of the day looking for a fix, I'm still looking for one. Thanks to all for your responses.
  4. Unable to open recycle bin. Any ideas to fix problem?? Any and all help will be appreciated. Get the following message:
  5. Simply put, NO. I must be getting yours!!!
  7. Il_wiccan il_wiccan Posted on: Nov 23 2004, 09:42 AM Replies: 1 Views: 64 First thing I would check it to make sure the sound device is listed and working OK in the device manager. If not just reinstall the drivers and see if the sound returns....... I can't seem to find my note on reinstalling the sound file. It might be on the other machine..... Forum: Windows Support · Post Preview: #9907 Linux On Xbox TymeKyller Posted on: Dec 15 2004, 11:17 PM Replies: 6 Views: 55 If you don't go on xbox live how is microsoft going to know?? Unless they are looking at this thread right now. in that case I would not mod anything wink.gif hahahaha... Forum: Linux/Unix Support · Post The last posting for each.
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    Cell Phones

    Thanks JSKY for the heads up.
  9. I couldn't find Spellbound, on the regular extension sites. I wanted the link, to research it. I was going to install it, to see how it worked. I see you've got the problem solved, so ..... Never Mind. http://spellbound.sourceforge.net/
  10. Yes there are 2 jack of clubs. I just went to the 12 level in zelda and was given credit for only 5. In other games, I can't get any scores.
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    1-woodworking 2-horse racing 3-crossword puzzles
  12. I think the OPEN FORUM gives you that opportunity.
  13. It's strange and I have no explanation. I see it on my end for the PM I sent to arachnid40 and for this post. http://www.megspace.com/lifestyles/njmarine/s_pider.gif Does this work? If not, so be it.
  14. Hey ST, Is this, what you wanted to say?
  15. Hope this helps. Try the following: Here Here And Here
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    Eighth Grade Final - 1895 WOW
  17. Jetzt fragen Sie sich bestimmt wie das geht! Das ist ganz einfach! Sie melden sich unter dem Menüpunkt "Anmelden" an und bekommen einen= Now you ask certainly as go yourselves! That is completely simple! They announce themselves under the menu option a "announcing" and get one Is this correct???