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  1. WiredMonkey

    Slightly Adult

    Apparently they're air EVERYTHINGS. HEE HEE hee....
  2. WiredMonkey

    Can You Outsmart Your Right Foot?

    That's how rappers invented record scratching....ummm....er sumthin. Meanwhile.... I couldn't do it. I tried and while my foot didn't quite go the other way, it did some sorta lazy type cross to the other direction. Bizarre. Ugh.
  3. WiredMonkey

    Thank You Everyone!

    Tyme Glad that you're back and that the healing can begin. I can't even fathom what it must be like to lose a significant other or a parent, and I hope that your brother and his children find a way to have this horrible event bring them closer. He has a great brother and a good support system in place, it would seem. All the monkey's best....
  4. WiredMonkey

    I Could Use Some....

    Hey Nerelda!! Best of luck to you in your job search! I sincerely send you all of my good wishes in landing that job. w00t!
  5. WiredMonkey

    My Heart Aches For My Brother And His Kids!

    Tyme- I haven't known you long, and I don't know you as well as some of the other members on the board, but you were one of the first on the G4 boards to be really nice to me and welcome me in, and then you went and got hurt and we missed you for months...and then finally got you back and I've been gone. Anyway, I'm just saying that *I* for one don't feel pity for you - just genuine compassion for a buddy who has lost someone dear to them...you're feeling heartache for your brother and your nieces and nephews, and that causes you pain too. It's certainly understandable, and all of us here just recognize the pain you are going through and want to offer condolences to you that you have to go through it and that your family has to go through it. Please don't take it as pity...it's a different beast. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours, that you may find your way through this difficult time and find solace and happiness on the other end of it. Hang tough my Northern Friend!
  6. WiredMonkey

    The Job Application

    This was a funny bit, but not quite true..... Snopes, home of all things true on the internet, says this is one lost some truth somewhere along the way...interesting read if you're interested right here.
  7. WiredMonkey

    Firefox 1.04/flash Problems

    no, I had restarted before...I really think it was using the uninstall TOOL they provided instead of just deleting the folders - it was able to erase active X components which is what I had wanted to do in the first place. But, restarting always helps, as we in the IT business are hyper-aware.
  8. WiredMonkey

    Firefox 1.04/flash Problems

    YAY! problem fixed. Thanks to all who gave me the thoughtful advice. Here's what I did: Actually thought to go out and look at Macromedia's FAQ about the Flash Player. They suggested the following to fix all problems. Uninstall the player (which ALSO uninstalls the Active X stuff for it, which is where I believe the problem truly lied). Restart your computer. Re-install Flash. I did those steps, and voila...I'm flashing again.
  9. WiredMonkey

    Firefox 1.04/flash Problems

    Windows XP Pro doesn't have an application data folder in the Windows folder, but it does have flash/shockwave stuff in the c:\documents & settings folder\*user*\macromedia folder. I deleted the entire macromedia folder and tried to re-install, but alas, it's gotten me no further. This is quite a head-scratcher. And by head-scratcher I mean HUGE PAIN IN TEH AR$E. Thanks for the continued thoughts though....keep 'em coming if you think of anything.
  10. WiredMonkey

    Happy Birthday Whitewolf4

    Vile_DR: Was that cake from Wendy's, or are you apologizing for putting YOUR finger in the cake? Happy Birthday Whitewolf4!!
  11. WiredMonkey

    Firefox 1.04/flash Problems

    Thanks for everyone's help so far. None of the suggestions so far have fixed my lack-of-flash problem. For a while, I thought it might have been blocked by our network admin, but I had a friend who had flash here at work pull a site up, and they have no problems seeing it. This is frustrating. Any other ideas?? Thanks everyone!
  12. WiredMonkey

    Firefox 1.04/flash Problems

    Oh, as a follow-up. I decided just to try and re-install...went through the control panels to add/remove and scrapped the old firefox and used IE to go out and download a new version. Still has same problems.
  13. Hey all...hope someone might have some ideas I haven't come up with yet. I have been running Mozilla Firefox 1.04 on my machine at work (Windows XP Pro system) and have had no problems with flash whatsoever. This morning, I went online to a local talk radio station that has just started streaming. Well, when I went to run their playing, it told me I didn't have the Active X plug-in for my browser and I needed it, so I downloaded it and installed. It seems that since then, flash hasn't worked in my browser. I have since tried to uninstall the plug-in, but it doesn't show up in my extensions list where it first installed. I have tried re-installing both Flash and, while I was there, Shockwave. I still can't see Flash. Anyone have ideas?
  14. WiredMonkey

    Gas Price Talk Radio

    Mac...you're nuts. That said, love your show! Back to gas prices and all...one of your earlier callers said gas was $1.70 and then he left for Alabama (? don't shoot me, I can't remember) and it was up over two bucks. Well, he'd been out of the state for a bit. Here in Dallas, the prices were about $1.70 over the winter months...but a couple months ago they shot up to about $2.20/gal. We've now settled back down near the $2 mark. I'm a big fan of Racetrac...got gas last night for $1.97/gal. Didn't think I'd be happy about paying almost $2/gal. when just 5 years ago I remember they were at .79/gal here in the Lone Star State. *sigh*
  15. WiredMonkey

    Welcome Mandy!

    Hi Mandy! Welcome to the forum...great bunch of people here, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Take what you need, leave the rest....