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  1. i now don't get backweb lite when using spybot. I took the latest version a few weeks ago..go figure?....lol
  2. Hey there sidekick.... I'm here in the good ol US of A.. Calif to be exact. I work 2nd shift so the "wee" morning hours are my play time hours..lol
  3. I have another "why" question. Why is it that spybot found backweb lite a few days ago. I did nothing and left backweb lite. Today, spybot shows I am crap free..lol Thanks Robert
  4. Well, so far, no ill effects from removing the spybot recovery files. Have a great weekend!!!
  5. Since were on the subject of SpyBot, what is with the full screen when doing anything with spybot? That last update was a doozy...
  6. Thank you for the welcome sidekickcat. when i get more time this weekend, i will take a look at the links you posted in your April 30 post. Thanks again
  7. Forgot to mention that my pc is a 7 month old Compaq, and with in the last few weeks, i've never even heard of backweb lite.
  8. Hello all, new poster here. Back web lite has me going in circles. I have several logictech devices hooked up to my pc, the newest one being the orbitic cam by logictech. Like many others here, i use Spybot and many other scum ware programs. Just in the last few weeks, spybot has found 54 entries of back web lite. SB can remove them, but like others have said, it removes backweb lite after a reboot and scan. I did a search for backweb lite on my pc, and it turned up 50+ files in my C drive. All the files are SB recovery files, and it say's i need a password to access these files, so i just started deleting them all...Some files could not be removed, get error message, can not read from file or disk. So, is backweb lite legit oe not?? Thanks Robert