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    sultan_emerr RIP

    So few from the old days remain; and few of us are remembered. It was a great time. We did a lot of good.
  2. Pete_C


    Just stopping by to see who is still around. Social media really killed the forums.
  3. Doubt you will see this any time soon. I too stop in only rarely. Howdy Bearskin.
  4. Chuck , sounds like a DNS redirect infection. Spoofed site in place of real one or ransomware.
  5. Insufficient power supply for the graphics card you have or incompatible graphics card for the demands of the game. " This issue may occur because of any software conflict or incompatible / corrupt display or graphic driver " So if you have not done so, download the latest driver for your card and install it. If that does not solve it, you may need to consider replacing your video card to play that game.
  6. Pete_C

    sultan_emerr RIP

    He was a master of the google search. Now that I am old, I look back on the early days and the friends we made nostalgically. We fought the good fight and despite our differences we worked together. We learned a lot and passed it on to the new guys. Kind of like being in the Army; I look back on those days too with a bit of nostalgia.
  7. Note; often when you install an app on windows X it will change from your computer login to your windows live login. If the windows live had a different password, make sure you know it.
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    Happy holidays

    Just passing through. Hi yall.
  9. Did you try booting to safe mode, shutting down and then booting to normal and seeing if the problem resolved? Did you try safe mode with networking? if the above don't work , try this
  10. Thanks, I will add cryptoprevent. Seems to be a good innoculation.
  11. To help protect against ransomware and zero day exploits I used the free version of HitmanPro Alert since it came out. I liked and trusted it and liked that it included Cryptoguard which prevented your drive from being encrypted. But when I upgraded to Windows 10, it caused a crash on reboot and had to be uninstalled. Any attempt to reinstall caused a fatal stop error. I debated trying their new version when it came out, but since it did not appear to have a try before you buy (to make sure it too did not cause a fatal stop error) I have yet to reinstall it. I did however recently learn of Malwarebytes Anti Exploit, designed to protect against such ransom ware. It is lacking in the cryptoguard feature since that is owned by surfright) You choose the free trial download and during install uncheck the "enable free trial of anti exploit premium" and you get the free version. (I prefer this approach to the fourteen day trial of the pro). Not really sure if it is as effective as HitmanPro Alert, but it does work well with minimal resource draw. Also it did not cause any fatal error.
  12. Pete_C

    sultan_emerr RIP

    It sure has been a long time.
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    Microsoft W10

    Possibly related to the update they installed last night. Several people I know reported problems with taskbar icons not showing. I had issues with left click not working on things like sound mixer and start button until I rebooted a second time. I think that is my new standard, if there is something odd or misbehaving about 10, especially if I think there was an update; I restart twice. If that does not solve it I boot to safe mode and then to normal and hope that fixes it. If neither of these work, I go to troubleshooting. I think I know what you are describing and I almost had it do that to me; but I realized what was up and canceled. It had to do with a mouse issue and somehow a right click context menu option got activated and it started searching for and organizing photos. I think it may have been related to a mouse sensitivity issue. I gave up on that one and just got a new mouse. For some reason my mouse became super sensitive and a single click was registering as double click no matter what changes to settings I made. New mouse and adjusting settings solved it, for now. Really annoying I would click a tab in a browser and it would close as if I had double clicked or selected and clicked the x.
  14. I remember when there were complex programs that rarely were stable and hardly functional; yet people kept installing them to get this kind of functionality. Combining the functions of quick launch and task bar into one by adding the pin and unpin feature is actually a pretty good one. Now you don't have two icons when you are running one of your quick launch / pinned programs you have one icon that lets you launch and access. Saves working space and makes it easier to us common tasks.
  15. Did you try going to Start => all apps -> Microsoft edge browser Right click and choose "Pin to taskbar" For future reference, don't delete entries, right click and choose unpin
  16. Version 11.63.10586.0 update 11.0.26 Install new versions automatically.
  17. IN windows 10 you can still use internet explorer. Just do the start / run and type iexplore and hit enter Should be able to locate it and put a desktop shortcut too (I did, forget how but it was simple). Of course I was an upgrade from Win 7 not clean install.
  18. Gonna have to go buy a bottle of good whiskey and drink a toast to you old friend. Sad to hear you passed.
  19. RIP, so sad to hear this. Another of the old guard has passed. Not many left.
  20. Pete_C

    Layout & Design`

    Looks good, had a bit of a problem with signing in. The change made it so my browser did not identify the site and I had to go into my password vault to remember my password.
  21. winver reports me as Windows 10 Version 1511 build 10586.17 Did a windows update a few hours ago and did not freeze up my start menu; so hopefully they fixed that. Not sure what it updated though; went to shutdown and it had updates to install.
  22. No, what they took down was the redistributable download. The release through windows update works. You just can't download it for a clean install.
  23. I agree, the problem looks like it is caused by a bad plugin crashing firefox and taking everything with it. Source of the bad plugin appears to be malware.
  24. What sort of errors? Are they all the same or similar (IE a service failed to start or stopped unexpectedly? Which service) You might want to run the suggested malware scans and post them for chuck to review. In event viewer you can highlight the content of the error and then hit ctrl+c to copy it (if right click copy does not work) and past here like For example I got this notice (information) Windows Update started downloading an update. Then I got this error User Logoff Notification for Customer Experience Improvement Program
  25. Chuck, the problem I have is that windows update disables a bunch of things. Taskbar being one of them. Once the update completes, they return. I suspect it is more common than a lot of people realize; but most get the updates at a time that they are not active (leave the computer on all the time) barcuss in event viewer, look for anything that says error. You can actually click the events one at a time and it will describe them.