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  1. Hi everyone...Newbie here. I am not a techie by any means. Truthfully I am surprised I even knew how to start in safe mode. I am great with certain software programs, but anytime we start talking hard drives and I see things 04 HKLM.dmdh .aexex I go blank and my head hurts. I found what I am hoping to be a very helpful set of instructions. It directed me to "HijackThis". I ran the log and a bunch of files popped up. Since I do not know what I am doing I hit the analyze this. I was showing my little girl a map of the United States on google and the stupid thing popped up. I knew right away what it was as I had a similar incident with my desktop, which is now Royally F'd. It was my step dad(a major gamers) computer and it is worth fixing, but right now I just need to get my lap top going. I attached the log from the Hijack this scan...I do have files starting with O4, but none that exactly match what the instructions said. I am a single mother, college student and ft employee..I do not have the money to pay office depot to fix, when they are the ones who sold me this McAfee's and mad it sound like it was gold and guarenteed.This was only a few months ago at that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!! logfilehijack.txt