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  1. I get no positive scans. I really doubt that Hijack will find anything. I do have historical hijack logs so maybe that might shed some light but I bet it only interfaces the browser and may not appear as a separate process but I could be wrong. I really had not though of this till now. What ever I use come up clean. HOWEVER, my Foxfire profile is quite scary! It has a SQLlight plug in plus dozens of script files and other strange file extensions. I have XP and browse using a limited account. Fortunatly, this had been limited to that account till I had the bright idea to uninstall Firefox and completely remove everything associated with it. I did so after cleaning out all temp files with an Oldtimer utility. After the installation I have the problem on my admin drive. I will be shopping for a new HD and may have to start fresh if I can't get some good advice.
  2. I was having trouble with a hacker breaking into my wireless network. I finally went to wired but I am still uneasy as to how someone could hack into a WPA2 network with broadcast off, the name, and password were maxed out and completely random. That couldn't be cracked in a year by bruit force. I did learn about WPA2 Hole 196. Still, that would require an agent on one of my computers. I run a bevy of scanners such as malwarebytes,rooter, and several others at least every other month and everything has been clean for about a year. I am just reluctant to write this one off without asking around. Thanks!