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    R I P sultan_emerr

    Wow I can't believe it's been that long...
  2. KeithLDick

    Besttechie empty

    Damn, hang in there TT!!!!!!! I hope it all gets better soon.... Yes I know this is a late Post, sorry about that have had a lot of problems myself these past 6 months.... I hate getting old!!!!!! LOL Hi Pete, Hi Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sent you a PM Flash.... Cheers everyone...
  3. KeithLDick

    Where are you ?

    We have those 'QuadCopters' I have 2 small ones and a bunch of airplanes both glow engine and electric and some helicopters. We also have turbine jets that fly at our field... We also have this guy: hehehehe
  4. KeithLDick

    Where are you ?

    I still pop in once and a while but am very busy in my 3rd year as Vice President of our Radio Controlled Aircraft Club and now that our President is out for we don't know how long I have taken over his duties...
  5. I took 'LCore.exe' (Logitech Gaming Software) out of the Startup and that fixed the problem... I may have had a corrupted Installer for the software and it caused that to happen... I'll install the Gaming Software down the road if I happen to need it and see if the problem comes back... You can close this thread Chuck and Thanks for the help!!!!...
  6. Yes it is XP... I was thinking about just deleting everything in the Windows 'TEMP' folder, not sure that will take care of it..
  7. Yes I don't want it showing up everytime I boot my Computer...
  8. No Chuck it's not a short cut, it's like Windows set it to open the Logitech Folder up after Windows Boots... I'll post a screen shot...
  9. Hey Hey, long time no talk... Anyways, I had to get a new Mouse (Logitech G500s USB) and I had a bad USB port so I wasn't getting a working mouse on boot... I interrupted the Windows Boot Process a few times, Windows did a Chkdsk (no problems) and finally got it working in a different USB Port... Then I installed the Gaming Software for it (It's firmware is current)... Well now when I boot to the Desktop I get a Logitech Window on the desktop showing the folders for all the Logitech Software installed on XP.. i.e. WebCam Software, Setpoint, Quickcam etc... The desktop is normal and if I open Firefox the Logitech Window stays on top and I have to click on the Firefox Window to bring it to the front... Any way to stop this pesky window from opening on Bootup???? I'm sure I prolly corrupted something somewhere... I also just noticed FireFox is now not remembering my Multiple Homepages and Open Office Writer wanted to recover a file that was never deleted... Thanks Guys... Keith
  10. KeithLDick

    Nice new look!

    Yes, great new look Jeff!!!!
  11. KeithLDick

    Happy birthday Marsh

    Happy B-Day Marsh old friend!!!!!!! Heya Pete!!!! Hope all had a great Holiday's and a better New Year....
  12. KeithLDick


    Greetings Marty, have a great Holiday my friend....
  13. KeithLDick

    Marty, Marty you okay?

    Jesus!!!!... a 7.8 quake hit today in northern NZ.. I sure hope you are okay Marty....
  14. KeithLDick

    Marty, Marty you okay?

    Geeze Marty!!!! more after shocks and another 5.3 Quake????.... Mother Natural just won't leave you guys alone... I hope you are okay....
  15. KeithLDick

    Marty, Marty you okay?

    Glad your okay Marty.... I hope the quakes stop and leave you alone...