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  1. BASSmod.dll can be malware, more specific to cracked mirc software ,backdoor win32 irc bot it could render ur pc unbootable, pc will post @ boot but after self test u will have only a black screen as ur desktop/taskbar wont load as the registry changes made by the malware causes the registry to by pass winlogon commands stay of the crack man , u be ok
  2. yep i used combofix and tdss to clean my own tdl3, but ive had some good reports on hitman disenfecting em, hitman would be easier for a lot of users as im sure u are aware , combofix is not for the fainthearted. peace!
  3. hi i fought with this rootkit for 1 week trying every rootkit scanner/anti virus scanner available to no avail, if u have found yourself getting redirected from ur favourite search engine then u prolly picked this up, you may not be aware that u are infected as the redirects are the only issue that the end user will see id like to introduce you to a great anti virus scanner which use 4 engines in the cloud so no more downloading large definition files, the product is called hitman pro, and it is the only tool (apart from combofix) which will disenfect a TDL3 virus, hey even if ure not infected its a great tool to keep in the toolbox, i use norton internet security 2010 and i keep hitman pro as a second opinion, if u decide to download this great piece of software, it will scan ur machine in uber fast time although u should NOT activate the free 30 day licence unless hitman pro finds something untoward get it here >>My link im sure u will be glad u did. My link