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  1. When connecting to a Mobile Broadband connection through a cell phone provider, is there a difference between a USB device and a PC Card as far as quality goes? The reason I ask is if the quality of the connection is likely to be similar regardless, I'll just use the USB device with my current desktop, rather than purchasing a laptop to utilize a PC Card. Links to each of three types: USB PC Card USB Modem - Not sure if this provides and quality benefits as far as overall connection over the other USB device. Lastly, if anyone thinks there is a different device I should be considering for connection via Verizons Mobile Broadband, please let me know. Thanks!
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  3. This weekend I will be moving out into the country, where DSL / Cable internet are not available. My options will be Satellite broadband through Wild Blue or wireless broadband through a cell phone provider (likely verizon or sprint). Both are relative in cost, aside from installation fees, so its simply a matter of choosing the lesser of the two evils for my situation. The majority of my internet use is for online gaming (Aion currently) with a good bit of web browser activity and email. My concerns are latency from the providers, as well as limits on data transfer. Satellite provides 17 gigs of data, but my understanding is that the latency is higher due to the distance the information has to travel. Wireless broadband through a cell phone provider allows 5 gigs of data. Which would be the better chose for online gaming and why? Thanks!