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  1. I have a retail disk the same one I have been using for a long time when I reformat my other motherboard. I have taken apart computers and put them back together before and stuff, dont know why this is such a prob, must be missing something. I have put this connectd this motherboard before (before I had to return it and get a new one) now I do the same thing and now it no work. *sad Face* By the way thnx for the help
  2. I have a new Asus Maximus Extreme that I just got back from the Asus company. My problem is once I reconnected everything in my computer and tried to load the OS disk, it would load. I went into the bios and made the CD ROM drive first to boot, and still nothing. The BIOS detects the CD rom drive but when it loads the XP disk I get a blank screen , with no "press any keep to boot" message. But I do see the led light blinking and I hear the CD ROM drive spinning. I am kind of stump.