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  1. Okay my friend and I are having a debate on a recent webisode he found on current.com. It's called the IT Chicks, its like 5 minutes long and i thought it was so-so. Some funny lines and the brunette is fine, but he thinks its HILARIOUS and feels it should be a full-time show on cable tv...which i don't think is a BRIGHT idea (yet anyway). If you guys have 5 minutes or so, help us decide who is rightt... http://current.com/items/90484233_hot-chic...kato-kaelin.htm
  2. tarnishedsteel0

    Summer Movies

    Harry Potter has 90% on Rotten Tomatoes so far...not too shabby...I'm hyped. Not hyped enough to camp out at midnight yesterday (or is today? confusing), but hyped neverthless.
  3. tarnishedsteel0

    What Is The Square Root Of Beer?

    Root beer. jajaajajajajaa
  4. tarnishedsteel0

    Summer Movies

    I choose HP..
  5. tarnishedsteel0

    Ps3 Slim?

    When's the PS3 slim coming out? I heard July, now I don't know...
  6. tarnishedsteel0

    Father's Day

    i got my dad a hug, cuz that's all i could afford
  7. tarnishedsteel0

    Battery Overheating?

    Hi, I have 33 month old Macbook Pro. I have gotten the battery replaced once because it hadn't been giving me the time off-cord it did when I first got it. It now has the same problem and Coconut Battery says I have 16% the battery capacity I once had. Is it cuz of overheating? I also have 545 loadcycles if that helps..
  8. tarnishedsteel0

    Self Intoduction

    I'm new. Want to just say that I look forward to my problems solved and yours...btw master wong, why you a hater?